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Logparser Input Plugin

Deprecated in Telegraf 1.15: Please use the tail plugin along with the grok data format

The logparser plugin streams and parses the given logfiles. Currently it has the capability of parsing "grok" patterns from logfiles, which also supports regex patterns.

The tail plugin now provides all the functionality of the logparser plugin. Most options can be translated directly to the tail plugin:

  • For options in the [inputs.logparser.grok] section, the equivalent option will have add the grok_ prefix when using them in the tail input.
  • The grok measurement option can be replaced using the standard plugin name_override option.

This plugin also supports metric filtering and some additional common options.


Migration Example:

- [[inputs.logparser]]
-   files = ["/var/log/apache/access.log"]
-   from_beginning = false
-   [inputs.logparser.grok]
-     patterns = ["%{COMBINED_LOG_FORMAT}"]
-     measurement = "apache_access_log"
-     custom_pattern_files = []
-     custom_patterns = '''
-     '''
-     timezone = "Canada/Eastern"

+ [[inputs.tail]]
+   files = ["/var/log/apache/access.log"]
+   from_beginning = false
+   grok_patterns = ["%{COMBINED_LOG_FORMAT}"]
+   name_override = "apache_access_log"
+   grok_custom_pattern_files = []
+   grok_custom_patterns = '''
+   '''
+   grok_timezone = "Canada/Eastern"
+   data_format = "grok"


# Read metrics off Arista LANZ, via socket
  ## Log files to parse.
  ## These accept standard unix glob matching rules, but with the addition of
  ## ** as a "super asterisk". ie:
  ##   /var/log/**.log     -> recursively find all .log files in /var/log
  ##   /var/log/*/*.log    -> find all .log files with a parent dir in /var/log
  ##   /var/log/apache.log -> only tail the apache log file
  files = ["/var/log/apache/access.log"]

  ## Read files that currently exist from the beginning. Files that are created
  ## while telegraf is running (and that match the "files" globs) will always
  ## be read from the beginning.
  from_beginning = false

  ## Method used to watch for file updates.  Can be either "inotify" or "poll".
  # watch_method = "inotify"

  ## Parse logstash-style "grok" patterns:
    ## This is a list of patterns to check the given log file(s) for.
    ## Note that adding patterns here increases processing time. The most
    ## efficient configuration is to have one pattern per logparser.
    ## Other common built-in patterns are:
    ##   %{COMMON_LOG_FORMAT}   (plain apache & nginx access logs)
    ##   %{COMBINED_LOG_FORMAT} (access logs + referrer & agent)
    patterns = ["%{COMBINED_LOG_FORMAT}"]

    ## Name of the outputted measurement name.
    measurement = "apache_access_log"

    ## Full path(s) to custom pattern files.
    custom_pattern_files = []

    ## Custom patterns can also be defined here. Put one pattern per line.
    custom_patterns = '''

    ## Timezone allows you to provide an override for timestamps that
    ## don't already include an offset
    ## e.g. 04/06/2016 12:41:45 data one two 5.43µs
    ## Default: "" which renders UTC
    ## Options are as follows:
    ##   1. Local             -- interpret based on machine localtime
    ##   2. "Canada/Eastern"  -- Unix TZ values like those found in https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_tz_database_time_zones
    ##   3. UTC               -- or blank/unspecified, will return timestamp in UTC
    # timezone = "Canada/Eastern"

    ## When set to "disable", timestamp will not incremented if there is a
    ## duplicate.
    # unique_timestamp = "auto"

Grok Parser

Reference the grok parser documentation to setup the grok section of the configuration.

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type GrokConfig

type GrokConfig struct {
	MeasurementName    string `toml:"measurement"`
	Patterns           []string
	NamedPatterns      []string
	CustomPatterns     string
	CustomPatternFiles []string
	Timezone           string
	UniqueTimestamp    string

LogParser in the primary interface for the plugin

type LogParserPlugin

type LogParserPlugin struct {
	Files         []string
	FromBeginning bool
	WatchMethod   string

	Log telegraf.Logger


	GrokParser parsers.Parser
	GrokConfig GrokConfig `toml:"grok"`
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

LogParserPlugin is the primary struct to implement the interface for logparser plugin

func NewLogParser

func NewLogParser() *LogParserPlugin

func (*LogParserPlugin) Gather

Gather is the primary function to collect the metrics for the plugin

func (*LogParserPlugin) Init added in v1.15.0

func (l *LogParserPlugin) Init() error

func (*LogParserPlugin) SampleConfig

func (*LogParserPlugin) SampleConfig() string

func (*LogParserPlugin) Start

func (l *LogParserPlugin) Start(acc telegraf.Accumulator) error

Start kicks off collection of stats for the plugin

func (*LogParserPlugin) Stop

func (l *LogParserPlugin) Stop()

Stop will end the metrics collection process on file tailers

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