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Published: May 22, 2023 License: MIT Imports: 12 Imported by: 174


Mailchimp Input Plugin

Pulls campaign reports from the Mailchimp API.

Global configuration options

In addition to the plugin-specific configuration settings, plugins support additional global and plugin configuration settings. These settings are used to modify metrics, tags, and field or create aliases and configure ordering, etc. See the for more details.


# Gathers metrics from the /3.0/reports MailChimp API
  ## MailChimp API key
  ## get from
  api_key = "" # required

  ## Reports for campaigns sent more than days_old ago will not be collected.
  ## 0 means collect all and is the default value.
  days_old = 0

  ## Campaign ID to get, if empty gets all campaigns, this option overrides days_old
  # campaign_id = ""


  • mailchimp
    • tags:
      • id
      • campaign_title
    • fields:
      • emails_sent (integer, emails)
      • abuse_reports (integer, reports)
      • unsubscribed (integer, unsubscribes)
      • hard_bounces (integer, emails)
      • soft_bounces (integer, emails)
      • syntax_errors (integer, errors)
      • forwards_count (integer, emails)
      • forwards_opens (integer, emails)
      • opens_total (integer, emails)
      • unique_opens (integer, emails)
      • open_rate (double, percentage)
      • clicks_total (integer, clicks)
      • unique_clicks (integer, clicks)
      • unique_subscriber_clicks (integer, clicks)
      • click_rate (double, percentage)
      • facebook_recipient_likes (integer, likes)
      • facebook_unique_likes (integer, likes)
      • facebook_likes (integer, likes)
      • industry_type (string, type)
      • industry_open_rate (double, percentage)
      • industry_click_rate (double, percentage)
      • industry_bounce_rate (double, percentage)
      • industry_unopen_rate (double, percentage)
      • industry_unsub_rate (double, percentage)
      • industry_abuse_rate (double, percentage)
      • list_stats_sub_rate (double, percentage)
      • list_stats_unsub_rate (double, percentage)
      • list_stats_open_rate (double, percentage)
      • list_stats_click_rate (double, percentage)

Example Output




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type APIError

type APIError struct {
	Status   int    `json:"status"`
	Type     string `json:"type"`
	Title    string `json:"title"`
	Detail   string `json:"detail"`
	Instance string `json:"instance"`

func (APIError) Error

func (e APIError) Error() string

type Bounces

type Bounces struct {
	HardBounces  int `json:"hard_bounces"`
	SoftBounces  int `json:"soft_bounces"`
	SyntaxErrors int `json:"syntax_errors"`

type ChimpAPI

type ChimpAPI struct {
	Transport http.RoundTripper

	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewChimpAPI

func NewChimpAPI(apiKey string, log telegraf.Logger) *ChimpAPI

func (*ChimpAPI) GetReport

func (a *ChimpAPI) GetReport(campaignID string) (Report, error)

func (*ChimpAPI) GetReports

func (a *ChimpAPI) GetReports(params ReportsParams) (ReportsResponse, error)

type Clicks

type Clicks struct {
	ClicksTotal            int     `json:"clicks_total"`
	UniqueClicks           int     `json:"unique_clicks"`
	UniqueSubscriberClicks int     `json:"unique_subscriber_clicks"`
	ClickRate              float64 `json:"click_rate"`
	LastClick              string  `json:"last_click"`

type FacebookLikes

type FacebookLikes struct {
	RecipientLikes int `json:"recipient_likes"`
	UniqueLikes    int `json:"unique_likes"`
	FacebookLikes  int `json:"facebook_likes"`

type Forwards

type Forwards struct {
	ForwardsCount int `json:"forwards_count"`
	ForwardsOpens int `json:"forwards_opens"`

type IndustryStats

type IndustryStats struct {
	Type       string  `json:"type"`
	OpenRate   float64 `json:"open_rate"`
	ClickRate  float64 `json:"click_rate"`
	BounceRate float64 `json:"bounce_rate"`
	UnopenRate float64 `json:"unopen_rate"`
	UnsubRate  float64 `json:"unsub_rate"`
	AbuseRate  float64 `json:"abuse_rate"`

type ListStats

type ListStats struct {
	SubRate   float64 `json:"sub_rate"`
	UnsubRate float64 `json:"unsub_rate"`
	OpenRate  float64 `json:"open_rate"`
	ClickRate float64 `json:"click_rate"`

type MailChimp

type MailChimp struct {
	APIKey     string `toml:"api_key"`
	DaysOld    int    `toml:"days_old"`
	CampaignID string `toml:"campaign_id"`

	Log telegraf.Logger `toml:"-"`
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*MailChimp) Gather

func (m *MailChimp) Gather(acc telegraf.Accumulator) error

func (*MailChimp) Init added in v1.20.4

func (m *MailChimp) Init() error

func (*MailChimp) SampleConfig

func (*MailChimp) SampleConfig() string

type Opens

type Opens struct {
	OpensTotal  int     `json:"opens_total"`
	UniqueOpens int     `json:"unique_opens"`
	OpenRate    float64 `json:"open_rate"`
	LastOpen    string  `json:"last_open"`

type Report

type Report struct {
	ID            string `json:"id"`
	CampaignTitle string `json:"campaign_title"`
	Type          string `json:"type"`
	EmailsSent    int    `json:"emails_sent"`
	AbuseReports  int    `json:"abuse_reports"`
	Unsubscribed  int    `json:"unsubscribed"`
	SendTime      string `json:"send_time"`

	TimeSeries    []TimeSeries
	Bounces       Bounces       `json:"bounces"`
	Forwards      Forwards      `json:"forwards"`
	Opens         Opens         `json:"opens"`
	Clicks        Clicks        `json:"clicks"`
	FacebookLikes FacebookLikes `json:"facebook_likes"`
	IndustryStats IndustryStats `json:"industry_stats"`
	ListStats     ListStats     `json:"list_stats"`

type ReportsParams

type ReportsParams struct {
	Count          string
	Offset         string
	SinceSendTime  string
	BeforeSendTime string

func (*ReportsParams) String

func (p *ReportsParams) String() string

type ReportsResponse

type ReportsResponse struct {
	Reports    []Report `json:"reports"`
	TotalItems int      `json:"total_items"`

type TimeSeries added in v1.15.0

type TimeSeries struct {
	TimeStamp       string `json:"timestamp"`
	EmailsSent      int    `json:"emails_sent"`
	UniqueOpens     int    `json:"unique_opens"`
	RecipientsClick int    `json:"recipients_click"`

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