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Published: Nov 17, 2021 License: MIT Imports: 15 Imported by: 161


Procstat Input Plugin

The procstat plugin can be used to monitor the system resource usage of one or more processes. The procstat_lookup metric displays the query information, specifically the number of PIDs returned on a search

Processes can be selected for monitoring using one of several methods:

  • pidfile
  • exe
  • pattern
  • user
  • systemd_unit
  • cgroup
  • win_service
# Monitor process cpu and memory usage
  ## PID file to monitor process
  pid_file = "/var/run/"
  ## executable name (ie, pgrep <exe>)
  # exe = "nginx"
  ## pattern as argument for pgrep (ie, pgrep -f <pattern>)
  # pattern = "nginx"
  ## user as argument for pgrep (ie, pgrep -u <user>)
  # user = "nginx"
  ## Systemd unit name, supports globs when include_systemd_children is set to true
  # systemd_unit = "nginx.service"
  # include_systemd_children = false
  ## CGroup name or path
  # cgroup = "systemd/system.slice/nginx.service"

  ## Windows service name
  # win_service = ""

  ## override for process_name
  ## This is optional; default is sourced from /proc/<pid>/status
  # process_name = "bar"

  ## Field name prefix
  # prefix = ""

  ## When true add the full cmdline as a tag.
  # cmdline_tag = false

  ## Mode to use when calculating CPU usage. Can be one of 'solaris' or 'irix'.
  # mode = "irix"

  ## Add the PID as a tag instead of as a field.  When collecting multiple
  ## processes with otherwise matching tags this setting should be enabled to
  ## ensure each process has a unique identity.
  ## Enabling this option may result in a large number of series, especially
  ## when processes have a short lifetime.
  # pid_tag = false

  ## Method to use when finding process IDs.  Can be one of 'pgrep', or
  ## 'native'.  The pgrep finder calls the pgrep executable in the PATH while
  ## the native finder performs the search directly in a manor dependent on the
  ## platform.  Default is 'pgrep'
  # pid_finder = "pgrep"
Windows support

Preliminary support for Windows has been added, however you may prefer using the win_perf_counters input plugin as a more mature alternative.

  • procstat
    • tags:
      • pid (when pid_tag is true)
      • cmdline (when 'cmdline_tag' is true)
      • process_name
      • pidfile (when defined)
      • exe (when defined)
      • pattern (when defined)
      • user (when selected)
      • systemd_unit (when defined)
      • cgroup (when defined)
      • cgroup_full (when cgroup or systemd_unit is used with glob)
      • win_service (when defined)
    • fields:
      • child_major_faults (int)
      • child_minor_faults (int)
      • created_at (int) [epoch in nanoseconds]
      • cpu_time (int)
      • cpu_time_guest (float)
      • cpu_time_guest_nice (float)
      • cpu_time_idle (float)
      • cpu_time_iowait (float)
      • cpu_time_irq (float)
      • cpu_time_nice (float)
      • cpu_time_soft_irq (float)
      • cpu_time_steal (float)
      • cpu_time_system (float)
      • cpu_time_user (float)
      • cpu_usage (float)
      • involuntary_context_switches (int)
      • major_faults (int)
      • memory_data (int)
      • memory_locked (int)
      • memory_rss (int)
      • memory_stack (int)
      • memory_swap (int)
      • memory_usage (float)
      • memory_vms (int)
      • minor_faults (int)
      • nice_priority (int)
      • num_fds (int, telegraf may need to be ran as root)
      • num_threads (int)
      • pid (int)
      • read_bytes (int, telegraf may need to be ran as root)
      • read_count (int, telegraf may need to be ran as root)
      • realtime_priority (int)
      • rlimit_cpu_time_hard (int)
      • rlimit_cpu_time_soft (int)
      • rlimit_file_locks_hard (int)
      • rlimit_file_locks_soft (int)
      • rlimit_memory_data_hard (int)
      • rlimit_memory_data_soft (int)
      • rlimit_memory_locked_hard (int)
      • rlimit_memory_locked_soft (int)
      • rlimit_memory_rss_hard (int)
      • rlimit_memory_rss_soft (int)
      • rlimit_memory_stack_hard (int)
      • rlimit_memory_stack_soft (int)
      • rlimit_memory_vms_hard (int)
      • rlimit_memory_vms_soft (int)
      • rlimit_nice_priority_hard (int)
      • rlimit_nice_priority_soft (int)
      • rlimit_num_fds_hard (int)
      • rlimit_num_fds_soft (int)
      • rlimit_realtime_priority_hard (int)
      • rlimit_realtime_priority_soft (int)
      • rlimit_signals_pending_hard (int)
      • rlimit_signals_pending_soft (int)
      • signals_pending (int)
      • voluntary_context_switches (int)
      • write_bytes (int, telegraf may need to be ran as root)
      • write_count (int, telegraf may need to be ran as root)
  • procstat_lookup
    • tags:
      • exe
      • pid_finder
      • pid_file
      • pattern
      • prefix
      • user
      • systemd_unit
      • cgroup
      • win_service
      • result
    • fields:
      • pid_count (int)
      • running (int)
      • result_code (int, success = 0, lookup_error = 1)

NOTE: Resource limit > 2147483647 will be reported as 2147483647.

Example Output:
procstat_lookup,host=prash-laptop,pattern=influxd,pid_finder=pgrep,result=success pid_count=1i,running=1i,result_code=0i 1582089700000000000
procstat,host=prash-laptop,pattern=influxd,process_name=influxd,user=root involuntary_context_switches=151496i,child_minor_faults=1061i,child_major_faults=8i,cpu_time_user=2564.81,cpu_time_idle=0,cpu_time_irq=0,cpu_time_guest=0,pid=32025i,major_faults=8609i,created_at=1580107536000000000i,voluntary_context_switches=1058996i,cpu_time_system=616.98,cpu_time_steal=0,cpu_time_guest_nice=0,memory_swap=0i,memory_locked=0i,memory_usage=1.7797634601593018,num_threads=18i,cpu_time_nice=0,cpu_time_iowait=0,cpu_time_soft_irq=0,memory_rss=148643840i,memory_vms=1435688960i,memory_data=0i,memory_stack=0i,minor_faults=1856550i 1582089700000000000




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type NativeFinder added in v1.14.0

type NativeFinder struct {

NativeFinder uses gopsutil to find processes

func (*NativeFinder) FastProcessList added in v1.14.5

func (pg *NativeFinder) FastProcessList() ([]*process.Process, error)

func (*NativeFinder) FullPattern added in v1.14.0

func (pg *NativeFinder) FullPattern(pattern string) ([]PID, error)

FullPattern matches on the command line when the process was executed

func (*NativeFinder) Pattern added in v1.14.0

func (pg *NativeFinder) Pattern(pattern string) ([]PID, error)

Pattern matches on the process name

func (*NativeFinder) PidFile added in v1.14.0

func (pg *NativeFinder) PidFile(path string) ([]PID, error)

PidFile returns the pid from the pid file given.

func (*NativeFinder) UID added in v1.18.0

func (pg *NativeFinder) UID(user string) ([]PID, error)

Uid will return all pids for the given user

type PID added in v1.14.0

type PID int32

type PIDFinder added in v1.14.0

type PIDFinder interface {
	PidFile(path string) ([]PID, error)
	Pattern(pattern string) ([]PID, error)
	UID(user string) ([]PID, error)
	FullPattern(path string) ([]PID, error)

func NewNativeFinder added in v1.14.0

func NewNativeFinder() (PIDFinder, error)

NewNativeFinder ...

func NewPgrep added in v1.14.0

func NewPgrep() (PIDFinder, error)

type Pgrep added in v1.14.0

type Pgrep struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Implementation of PIDGatherer that execs pgrep to find processes

func (*Pgrep) FullPattern added in v1.14.0

func (pg *Pgrep) FullPattern(pattern string) ([]PID, error)

func (*Pgrep) Pattern added in v1.14.0

func (pg *Pgrep) Pattern(pattern string) ([]PID, error)

func (*Pgrep) PidFile added in v1.14.0

func (pg *Pgrep) PidFile(path string) ([]PID, error)

func (*Pgrep) UID added in v1.18.0

func (pg *Pgrep) UID(user string) ([]PID, error)

type PidsTags added in v1.20.0

type PidsTags struct {
	Tags map[string]string
	Err  error

type Proc added in v1.14.0

type Proc struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Proc) PID added in v1.14.0

func (p *Proc) PID() PID

func (*Proc) Percent added in v1.14.0

func (p *Proc) Percent(_ time.Duration) (float64, error)

func (*Proc) Tags added in v1.14.0

func (p *Proc) Tags() map[string]string

func (*Proc) Username added in v1.14.0

func (p *Proc) Username() (string, error)

type Process added in v1.14.0

type Process interface {
	Tags() map[string]string

	PageFaults() (*process.PageFaultsStat, error)
	IOCounters() (*process.IOCountersStat, error)
	MemoryInfo() (*process.MemoryInfoStat, error)
	Name() (string, error)
	Cmdline() (string, error)
	NumCtxSwitches() (*process.NumCtxSwitchesStat, error)
	NumFDs() (int32, error)
	NumThreads() (int32, error)
	Percent(interval time.Duration) (float64, error)
	MemoryPercent() (float32, error)
	Times() (*cpu.TimesStat, error)
	RlimitUsage(bool) ([]process.RlimitStat, error)
	Username() (string, error)
	CreateTime() (int64, error)
	Ppid() (int32, error)

func NewProc added in v1.14.0

func NewProc(pid PID) (Process, error)

type Procstat

type Procstat struct {
	PidFinder              string `toml:"pid_finder"`
	PidFile                string `toml:"pid_file"`
	Exe                    string
	Pattern                string
	Prefix                 string
	CmdLineTag             bool `toml:"cmdline_tag"`
	ProcessName            string
	User                   string
	SystemdUnit            string `toml:"systemd_unit"`
	IncludeSystemdChildren bool   `toml:"include_systemd_children"`
	CGroup                 string `toml:"cgroup"`
	PidTag                 bool
	WinService             string `toml:"win_service"`
	Mode                   string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Procstat) Description

func (p *Procstat) Description() string

func (*Procstat) Gather

func (p *Procstat) Gather(acc telegraf.Accumulator) error

func (*Procstat) Init added in v1.17.1

func (p *Procstat) Init() error

func (*Procstat) SampleConfig

func (p *Procstat) SampleConfig() string

func (*Procstat) SimpleFindPids added in v1.20.0

func (p *Procstat) SimpleFindPids(f PIDFinder) ([]PID, map[string]string, error)

Get matching PIDs and their initial tags

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