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Riak Input Plugin

The Riak plugin gathers metrics from one or more riak instances.


# Read metrics one or many Riak servers
  # Specify a list of one or more riak http servers
  servers = ["http://localhost:8098"]


Riak provides one measurement named "riak", with the following fields:

  • cpu_avg1
  • cpu_avg15
  • cpu_avg5
  • memory_code
  • memory_ets
  • memory_processes
  • memory_system
  • memory_total
  • node_get_fsm_objsize_100
  • node_get_fsm_objsize_95
  • node_get_fsm_objsize_99
  • node_get_fsm_objsize_mean
  • node_get_fsm_objsize_median
  • node_get_fsm_siblings_100
  • node_get_fsm_siblings_95
  • node_get_fsm_siblings_99
  • node_get_fsm_siblings_mean
  • node_get_fsm_siblings_median
  • node_get_fsm_time_100
  • node_get_fsm_time_95
  • node_get_fsm_time_99
  • node_get_fsm_time_mean
  • node_get_fsm_time_median
  • node_gets
  • node_gets_total
  • node_put_fsm_time_100
  • node_put_fsm_time_95
  • node_put_fsm_time_99
  • node_put_fsm_time_mean
  • node_put_fsm_time_median
  • node_puts
  • node_puts_total
  • pbc_active
  • pbc_connects
  • pbc_connects_total
  • vnode_gets
  • vnode_gets_total
  • vnode_index_reads
  • vnode_index_reads_total
  • vnode_index_writes
  • vnode_index_writes_total
  • vnode_puts
  • vnode_puts_total
  • read_repairs
  • read_repairs_total

Measurements of time (such as node_get_fsm_time_mean) are measured in nanoseconds.


All measurements have the following tags:

  • server (the host:port of the given server address, ex.
  • nodename (the internal node name received, ex. riak@

Example Output

$ ./telegraf --config telegraf.conf --input-filter riak --test
> riak,nodename=riak@,server=localhost:8098 cpu_avg1=31i,cpu_avg15=69i,cpu_avg5=51i,memory_code=11563738i,memory_ets=5925872i,memory_processes=30236069i,memory_system=93074971i,memory_total=123311040i,node_get_fsm_objsize_100=0i,node_get_fsm_objsize_95=0i,node_get_fsm_objsize_99=0i,node_get_fsm_objsize_mean=0i,node_get_fsm_objsize_median=0i,node_get_fsm_siblings_100=0i,node_get_fsm_siblings_95=0i,node_get_fsm_siblings_99=0i,node_get_fsm_siblings_mean=0i,node_get_fsm_siblings_median=0i,node_get_fsm_time_100=0i,node_get_fsm_time_95=0i,node_get_fsm_time_99=0i,node_get_fsm_time_mean=0i,node_get_fsm_time_median=0i,node_gets=0i,node_gets_total=19i,node_put_fsm_time_100=0i,node_put_fsm_time_95=0i,node_put_fsm_time_99=0i,node_put_fsm_time_mean=0i,node_put_fsm_time_median=0i,node_puts=0i,node_puts_total=0i,pbc_active=0i,pbc_connects=0i,pbc_connects_total=20i,vnode_gets=0i,vnode_gets_total=57i,vnode_index_reads=0i,vnode_index_reads_total=0i,vnode_index_writes=0i,vnode_index_writes_total=0i,vnode_puts=0i,vnode_puts_total=0i,read_repair=0i,read_repairs_total=0i 1455913392622482332




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type Riak

type Riak struct {
	// Servers is a slice of servers as http addresses (ex.
	Servers []string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Type Riak gathers statistics from one or more Riak instances

func NewRiak

func NewRiak() *Riak

NewRiak return a new instance of Riak with a default http client

func (*Riak) Gather

func (r *Riak) Gather(acc telegraf.Accumulator) error

Reads stats from all configured servers.

func (*Riak) SampleConfig

func (*Riak) SampleConfig() string

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