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Tail Input Plugin

The tail plugin "tails" a logfile and parses each log message.

By default, the tail plugin acts like the following unix tail command:

tail -F --lines=0 myfile.log
  • -F means that it will follow the name of the given file, so that it will be compatible with log-rotated files, and that it will retry on inaccessible files.
  • --lines=0 means that it will start at the end of the file (unless the from_beginning option is set).

see http://man7.org/linux/man-pages/man1/tail.1.html for more details.

The plugin expects messages in one of the Telegraf Input Data Formats.


# Parse the new lines appended to a file
  ## File names or a pattern to tail.
  ## These accept standard unix glob matching rules, but with the addition of
  ## ** as a "super asterisk". ie:
  ##   "/var/log/**.log"  -> recursively find all .log files in /var/log
  ##   "/var/log/*/*.log" -> find all .log files with a parent dir in /var/log
  ##   "/var/log/apache.log" -> just tail the apache log file
  ##   "/var/log/log[!1-2]*  -> tail files without 1-2
  ##   "/var/log/log[^1-2]*  -> identical behavior as above
  ## See https://github.com/gobwas/glob for more examples
  files = ["/var/mymetrics.out"]

  ## Read file from beginning.
  # from_beginning = false

  ## Whether file is a named pipe
  # pipe = false

  ## Method used to watch for file updates.  Can be either "inotify" or "poll".
  # watch_method = "inotify"

  ## Maximum lines of the file to process that have not yet be written by the
  ## output.  For best throughput set based on the number of metrics on each
  ## line and the size of the output's metric_batch_size.
  # max_undelivered_lines = 1000

  ## Character encoding to use when interpreting the file contents.  Invalid
  ## characters are replaced using the unicode replacement character.  When set
  ## to the empty string the data is not decoded to text.
  ##   ex: character_encoding = "utf-8"
  ##       character_encoding = "utf-16le"
  ##       character_encoding = "utf-16be"
  ##       character_encoding = ""
  # character_encoding = ""

  ## Data format to consume.
  ## Each data format has its own unique set of configuration options, read
  ## more about them here:
  ## https://github.com/influxdata/telegraf/blob/master/docs/DATA_FORMATS_INPUT.md
  data_format = "influx"

  ## Set the tag that will contain the path of the tailed file. If you don't want this tag, set it to an empty string.
  # path_tag = "path"

  ## Filters to apply to files before generating metrics
  ## "ansi_color" removes ANSI colors
  # filters = []

  ## multiline parser/codec
  ## https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/logstash/2.4/plugins-filters-multiline.html
    ## The pattern should be a regexp which matches what you believe to be an indicator that the field is part of an event consisting of multiple lines of log data.
    #pattern = "^\s"

    ## The field's value must be previous or next and indicates the relation to the
    ## multi-line event.
    #match_which_line = "previous"

    ## The invert_match can be true or false (defaults to false).
    ## If true, a message not matching the pattern will constitute a match of the multiline filter and the what will be applied. (vice-versa is also true)
    #invert_match = false

    #After the specified timeout, this plugin sends the multiline event even if no new pattern is found to start a new event. The default is 5s.
    #timeout = 5s


Metrics are produced according to the data_format option. Additionally a tag labeled path is added to the metric containing the filename being tailed.




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type Multiline added in v1.16.0

type Multiline struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Multiline) Flush added in v1.16.0

func (m *Multiline) Flush(buffer *bytes.Buffer) string

func (*Multiline) IsEnabled added in v1.16.0

func (m *Multiline) IsEnabled() bool

func (*Multiline) ProcessLine added in v1.16.0

func (m *Multiline) ProcessLine(text string, buffer *bytes.Buffer) string

type MultilineConfig added in v1.16.0

type MultilineConfig struct {
	Pattern        string
	MatchWhichLine MultilineMatchWhichLine `toml:"match_which_line"`
	InvertMatch    bool
	Timeout        *config.Duration

func (*MultilineConfig) NewMultiline added in v1.16.0

func (m *MultilineConfig) NewMultiline() (*Multiline, error)

type MultilineMatchWhichLine added in v1.16.0

type MultilineMatchWhichLine int

Indicates relation to the multiline event: previous or next

const (
	// Previous => Append current line to previous line
	Previous MultilineMatchWhichLine = iota
	// Next => Next line will be appended to current line

func (MultilineMatchWhichLine) MarshalText added in v1.16.0

func (w MultilineMatchWhichLine) MarshalText() ([]byte, error)

MarshalText implements encoding.TextMarshaler

func (MultilineMatchWhichLine) String added in v1.16.0

func (w MultilineMatchWhichLine) String() string

func (*MultilineMatchWhichLine) UnmarshalTOML added in v1.16.0

func (w *MultilineMatchWhichLine) UnmarshalTOML(data []byte) (err error)

UnmarshalTOML implements ability to unmarshal MultilineMatchWhichLine from TOML files.

func (*MultilineMatchWhichLine) UnmarshalText added in v1.16.0

func (w *MultilineMatchWhichLine) UnmarshalText(data []byte) (err error)

UnmarshalText implements encoding.TextUnmarshaler

type Tail

type Tail struct {
	Files               []string `toml:"files"`
	FromBeginning       bool     `toml:"from_beginning"`
	Pipe                bool     `toml:"pipe"`
	WatchMethod         string   `toml:"watch_method"`
	MaxUndeliveredLines int      `toml:"max_undelivered_lines"`
	CharacterEncoding   string   `toml:"character_encoding"`
	PathTag             string   `toml:"path_tag"`

	Filters []string `toml:"filters"`

	Log telegraf.Logger `toml:"-"`

	MultilineConfig MultilineConfig `toml:"multiline"`
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewTail

func NewTail() *Tail

func (*Tail) Gather

func (t *Tail) Gather(_ telegraf.Accumulator) error

func (*Tail) Init added in v1.15.0

func (t *Tail) Init() error

func (*Tail) SampleConfig

func (*Tail) SampleConfig() string

func (*Tail) SetParserFunc

func (t *Tail) SetParserFunc(fn parsers.ParserFunc)

func (*Tail) Start

func (t *Tail) Start(acc telegraf.Accumulator) error

func (*Tail) Stop

func (t *Tail) Stop()

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