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var (
	// ErrNotReady may ocurr when try to open an URL too earlier
	ErrNotReady = errors.New("some needed library was not loaded yet, make use that you are using ListenEvents()")
	// ErrInvalidURL occur when provide an invalid URL (only HTTPS/HTTP is accepted)
	ErrInvalidURL = errors.New("given url is invalid")
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var (
	// InsecureIgnoreScheme will remove any attempt to validate the URL
	// However, even when "false" (which means that the verification is enabled) it's NOT RECOMMENDED to open an
	// user-supplied URL.
	InsecureIgnoreScheme bool


func ListenEvents

func ListenEvents(event event.Event)

ListenEvents must get all the events from Gio, in order to get the GioView once it's ready. You need to include that function where you listen for Gio events.

Similar as:

select { case e := <-w.Events(): giohyperlink.ListenEvents(e)

switch e := e.(type) { (( ... your code ... ))

func Open

func Open(uri string) error

Open opens the given string url in the browser (or equivalent app).

func OpenURL

func OpenURL(u *url.URL) error

OpenURL opens the given url.URL in the browser (or equivalent app)


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