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var ErrUnsupportedContainerRuntime = errors.New("unsupported container runtime")

ErrUnsupportedContainerRuntime is used for unsupported container runtime


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type Resolver

type Resolver interface {
	// ContainerName returns the name of the container in a pod
	ContainerName(annotations map[string]string) string
	// ContainerType returns the type of the container i.e "container" or "sandbox"
	ContainerType(annotations map[string]string) string
	// PodName returns the name of the pod to which the container belongs
	PodName(annotations map[string]string) string
	// PodUID returns the uid of pod to which the container belongs
	PodUID(annotations map[string]string) string
	// PodNamespace returns the namespace of the pod to which container belongs
	PodNamespace(annotations map[string]string) string
	// Runtime returns runtime in which the container is running
	Runtime() string

Resolver is used to resolve attributes for a container by using container runtime annotations

func NewResolver

func NewResolver(runtime string) (Resolver, error)

NewResolver creates a Resolver for a given container runtime

func NewResolverFromAnnotations

func NewResolverFromAnnotations(annotations map[string]string) (Resolver, error)

NewResolverFromAnnotations creates a Resolver by detecting runtime from annotations

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