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type ConsolidateFundsOption

type ConsolidateFundsOption func(options *ConsolidateFundsOptions) error

ConsolidateFundsOption is a function that provides options.

func AccessManaPledgeID

func AccessManaPledgeID(nodeID string) ConsolidateFundsOption

AccessManaPledgeID is an option for SweepNFTOwnedFunds call that defines the nodeID to pledge access mana to.

func ConsensusManaPledgeID

func ConsensusManaPledgeID(nodeID string) ConsolidateFundsOption

ConsensusManaPledgeID is an option for SweepNFTOwnedFunds call that defines the nodeID to pledge consensus mana to.

func WaitForConfirmation

func WaitForConfirmation(wait bool) ConsolidateFundsOption

WaitForConfirmation is an optional parameter to define if the consolidateFunds command should wait for confirmation before it returns.

type ConsolidateFundsOptions

type ConsolidateFundsOptions struct {
	AccessManaPledgeID    string
	ConsensusManaPledgeID string
	WaitForConfirmation   bool

ConsolidateFundsOptions is a struct that is used to aggregate the optional parameters in the consolidateFunds call.

func Build

func Build(options ...ConsolidateFundsOption) (result *ConsolidateFundsOptions, err error)

Build build the options.

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