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const NoLimit uint64 = math.MaxUint64

    NoLimit represents the value for unlimited storage


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    var ErrMaxStorageExceeded = errors.New("maximum storage limit exceeded. Try to unpin some files")


    func BestEffortRoots

    func BestEffortRoots(filesRoot *mfs.Root) ([]cid.Cid, error)

    func CollectResult

    func CollectResult(ctx context.Context, gcOut <-chan gc.Result, cb func(cid.Cid)) error

      CollectResult collects the output of a garbage collection run and calls the given callback for each object removed. It also collects all errors into a MultiError which is returned after the gc is completed.

      func ConditionalGC

      func ConditionalGC(ctx context.Context, node *core.IpfsNode, offset uint64) error

      func GarbageCollect

      func GarbageCollect(n *core.IpfsNode, ctx context.Context) error

      func GarbageCollectAsync

      func GarbageCollectAsync(n *core.IpfsNode, ctx context.Context) <-chan gc.Result

      func PeriodicGC

      func PeriodicGC(ctx context.Context, node *core.IpfsNode) error


      type GC

      type GC struct {
      	Node       *core.IpfsNode
      	Repo       repo.Repo
      	StorageMax uint64
      	StorageGC  uint64
      	SlackGB    uint64
      	Storage    uint64

      func NewGC

      func NewGC(n *core.IpfsNode) (*GC, error)

      type MultiError

      type MultiError struct {
      	Errors  []error
      	Summary error

        MultiError contains the results of multiple errors.

        func NewMultiError

        func NewMultiError(errs ...error) *MultiError

          NewMultiError creates a new MultiError object from a given slice of errors.

          func (*MultiError) Error

          func (e *MultiError) Error() string

          type SizeStat

          type SizeStat struct {
          	RepoSize   uint64 // size in bytes
          	StorageMax uint64 // size in bytes

            SizeStat wraps information about the repository size and its limit.

            func RepoSize

            func RepoSize(ctx context.Context, n *core.IpfsNode) (SizeStat, error)

              RepoSize returns a *Stat object with the RepoSize and StorageMax fields set.

              type Stat

              type Stat struct {
              	NumObjects uint64
              	RepoPath   string
              	Version    string

                Stat wraps information about the objects stored on disk.

                func RepoStat

                func RepoStat(ctx context.Context, n *core.IpfsNode) (Stat, error)

                  RepoStat returns a *Stat object with all the fields set.

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