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Published: Oct 27, 2017 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 17 Imported by: 0



Package crd provides the store interface to config resources stored as kubernetes custom resource definitions (CRDs).



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func NewStore

func NewStore(u *url.URL) (store.Store2Backend, error)

NewStore creates a new Store instance.

func Register

func Register(builders map[string]store.Store2Builder)

Register registers this module as a Store2Backend. Do not use 'init()' for automatic registration; linker will drop the whole module because it looks unused.


type Store

type Store struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Store offers store.Store2Backend interface through kubernetes custom resource definitions.

func (*Store) Get

func (s *Store) Get(key store.Key) (*store.BackEndResource, error)

Get implements store.Store2Backend interface.

func (*Store) Init

func (s *Store) Init(ctx context.Context, kinds []string) error

Init implements store.Store2Backend interface.

func (*Store) List

func (s *Store) List() map[store.Key]*store.BackEndResource

List implements store.Store2Backend interface.

func (*Store) OnAdd

func (s *Store) OnAdd(obj interface{})

OnAdd implements cache.ResourceEventHandler interface.

func (*Store) OnDelete

func (s *Store) OnDelete(obj interface{})

OnDelete implements cache.ResourceEventHandler interface.

func (*Store) OnUpdate

func (s *Store) OnUpdate(oldObj, newObj interface{})

OnUpdate implements cache.ResourceEventHandler interface.

func (*Store) Watch

func (s *Store) Watch(ctx context.Context) (<-chan store.BackendEvent, error)

Watch implements store.Store2Backend interface.

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