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const DefaultCacheSize = 1024

DefaultCacheSize is the default size for the expression cache.


This section is empty.


func ExtractEQMatches

func ExtractEQMatches(src string) (map[string]interface{}, error)

ExtractEQMatches extracts equality sub expressions from the match expression. It only extracts `attribute == literal` type equality matches. It returns a list of <attribute name, value> such that if **any** of these comparisons is false, the expression will evaluate to false. These sub expressions can be hoisted out of the match clause and evaluated separately. For example destination.service == "abc" -- Used to index rules by destination service. context.protocol == "tcp" -- Used to filter rules by context

func FuncMap

func FuncMap() map[string]FuncBase

FuncMap provides inventory of available functions.


type AttributeDescriptorFinder

type AttributeDescriptorFinder interface {
	// GetAttribute finds attribute descriptor in the vocabulary. returns nil if not found.
	GetAttribute(name string) *cfgpb.AttributeManifest_AttributeInfo

AttributeDescriptorFinder finds attribute descriptors.

type Constant

type Constant struct {
	StrValue string
	Value    interface{}
	Type     dpb.ValueType

Constant models a typed constant.

func (*Constant) String

func (c *Constant) String() string

type Evaluator

type Evaluator interface {
	// Eval evaluates given expression using the attribute bag
	Eval(expr string, attrs attribute.Bag) (interface{}, error)

	// Eval evaluates given expression using the attribute bag to a string
	EvalString(expr string, attrs attribute.Bag) (string, error)



Evaluator evaluates an expression written in the implementation defined expression language. It uses attribute.Bag as variable bindings.

func NewCEXLEvaluator

func NewCEXLEvaluator(cacheSize int) (Evaluator, error)

NewCEXLEvaluator returns a new Evaluator of this type.

type Expression

type Expression struct {
	// Oneof the following
	Const *Constant
	Var   *Variable
	Fn    *Function

Expression is a simplified expression AST

func Parse

func Parse(src string) (ex *Expression, err error)

Parse parses a given expression to ast.Expression.

func (*Expression) Eval

func (e *Expression) Eval(attrs attribute.Bag, fMap map[string]FuncBase) (interface{}, error)

Eval evaluates the expression given an attribute bag and a function map.

func (*Expression) EvalType

func (e *Expression) EvalType(attrs AttributeDescriptorFinder, fMap map[string]FuncBase) (valueType dpb.ValueType, err error)

EvalType Function an expression using fMap and attribute vocabulary. Returns the type that this expression evaluates to.

func (*Expression) String

func (e *Expression) String() string

String produces postfix version with all operators converted to function names

type Func

type Func interface {

	// Call performs the function call. It is guaranteed
	// that call will be made with correct arity.
	// may panic.
	Call(attrs attribute.Bag, args []*Expression, fMap map[string]FuncBase) (interface{}, error)

Func implements a function call. It needs to know details about Expressions and attribute bag.

type FuncBase

type FuncBase interface {
	// Name uniquely identifies the function.
	Name() string

	// ReturnType specifies the return type of this function.
	ReturnType() config.ValueType

	// ArgTypes specifies the argument types in order expected by the function.
	ArgTypes() []config.ValueType

FuncBase defines the interface that every expression function must implement.

type Function

type Function struct {
	Name string
	Args []*Expression

Function models a function with multiple parameters 1st arg can be thought of as the receiver.

func (*Function) EvalType

func (f *Function) EvalType(attrs AttributeDescriptorFinder, fMap map[string]FuncBase) (valueType dpb.ValueType, err error)

EvalType Function using fMap and attribute vocabulary. Return static or computed return type if all args have correct type.

func (*Function) String

func (f *Function) String() string

type PredicateEvaluator

type PredicateEvaluator interface {
	// EvalPredicate evaluates given predicate using the attribute bag
	EvalPredicate(expr string, attrs attribute.Bag) (bool, error)

PredicateEvaluator evaluates a predicate to true or false

type TypeChecker

type TypeChecker interface {
	// EvalType produces the type of an expression or an error if the type cannot be evaluated.
	// TODO: we probably want to use a golang type rather than pb.ValueType (a proto).
	EvalType(expr string, finder AttributeDescriptorFinder) (pb.ValueType, error)

	// AssertType evaluates the type of expr using the attribute set; if the evaluated type is equal to
	// the expected type we return nil, and return an error otherwise.
	AssertType(expr string, finder AttributeDescriptorFinder, expectedType pb.ValueType) error

TypeChecker validates a given expression for type safety.

type Variable

type Variable struct {
	Name string

Variable models a variable.

func (*Variable) Eval

func (v *Variable) Eval(attrs attribute.Bag) (interface{}, error)

Eval returns value of the contained variable or error

func (*Variable) String

func (v *Variable) String() string

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