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Package derivation provides functions for ed25519 key derivation as described in:



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const (
	// StellarAccountPrefix is a prefix for Stellar key pairs derivation.
	StellarAccountPrefix = "m/44'/148'"
	// StellarPrimaryAccountPath is a derivation path of the primary account.
	StellarPrimaryAccountPath = "m/44'/148'/0'"
	// StellarAccountPathFormat is a path format used for Stellar key pair
	// derivation as described in SEP-00XX. Use with `fmt.Sprintf` and `DeriveForPath`.
	StellarAccountPathFormat = "m/44'/148'/%d'"
	// FirstHardenedIndex is the index of the first hardened key.
	FirstHardenedIndex = uint32(0x80000000)


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var (
	ErrInvalidPath        = errors.New("Invalid derivation path")
	ErrNoPublicDerivation = errors.New("No public derivation for ed25519")


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type Key

type Key struct {
	Key       []byte
	ChainCode []byte

func DeriveForPath

func DeriveForPath(path string, seed []byte) (*Key, error)

DeriveForPath derives key for a path in BIP-44 format and a seed. Ed25119 derivation operated on hardened keys only.

func NewMasterKey

func NewMasterKey(seed []byte) (*Key, error)

NewMasterKey generates a new master key from seed.

func (*Key) Derive

func (k *Key) Derive(i uint32) (*Key, error)

func (*Key) PublicKey

func (k *Key) PublicKey() ([]byte, error)

PublicKey returns public key for a derived private key.

func (*Key) RawSeed

func (k *Key) RawSeed() [32]byte

RawSeed returns raw seed bytes

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