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Package cmd defines the Iter8 CLI commands and their flags.



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func AssertGoldenBytes added in v0.9.3

func AssertGoldenBytes(t TestingT, actual []byte, filename string)

AssertGoldenBytes asserts that the give actual content matches the contents of the given filename

func AssertGoldenFile added in v0.9.3

func AssertGoldenFile(t TestingT, actualFileName string, expectedFilename string)

AssertGoldenFile asserts that the content of the actual file matches the contents of the expected file

func AssertGoldenString added in v0.9.3

func AssertGoldenString(t TestingT, actual, filename string)

AssertGoldenString asserts that the given string matches the contents of the given file.

func Execute

func Execute()

Execute adds all child commands to the root command and sets flags appropriately. This is called by main.main(). It only needs to happen once to the rootCmd.


type BuildInfo added in v0.9.0

type BuildInfo struct {
	// Version is the semantic version
	Version string `json:"version,omitempty"`
	// GitCommit is the git sha1.
	GitCommit string `json:"git_commit,omitempty"`
	// GoVersion is the version of the Go compiler used to compile Iter8.
	GoVersion string `json:"go_version,omitempty"`

BuildInfo describes the compile time information.

type HelperT added in v0.9.3

type HelperT interface {

HelperT describes a test with a helper function

type TestingT added in v0.9.3

type TestingT interface {
	Fatalf(string, ...interface{})

TestingT describes a testing object compatible with the critical functions from the testing.T type

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