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func Setup

func Setup(builder component.Builder)

Setup configures package services


type Service

type Service interface {
	// Send a notification via Slack
	NotifySlack(msg *SlackMessage) error

	// Send a notification via Telegram
	NotifyTelegram(msg *TelegramMessage) error

	// Send a notification via webhook
	NotifyWebhook(msg *WebhookMessage) error

Service provides methods to send notifications

func GetService

func GetService(c di.Container) Service

GetService returns an implementation Service from DI container

type SlackMessage

type SlackMessage struct {
	To    []string
	Title string
	Text  string
	Emoji string

SlackMessage is a content for Slack notification

type TelegramMessage

type TelegramMessage struct {
	To    []string
	Title string
	Text  string
	Emoji string

TelegramMessage is a content for Telegram notification

type WebhookMessage

type WebhookMessage struct {
	To          []string
	PayloadJSON interface{}

WebhookMessage is a content for webhook notification

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