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type Service

type Service struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewService

func NewService(s liferay.Session) *Service

func (*Service) AddRepository

func (s *Service) AddRepository(groupId int64, classNameId int64, parentFolderId int64, name string, description string, portletId string, typeSettingsProperties *liferay.ObjectWrapper, serviceContext *liferay.ObjectWrapper) (map[string]interface{}, error)

func (*Service) CheckRepository

func (s *Service) CheckRepository(repositoryId int64) error

func (*Service) DeleteRepository

func (s *Service) DeleteRepository(repositoryId int64) error

func (*Service) GetLocalRepositoryImpl

func (s *Service) GetLocalRepositoryImpl(repositoryId int64) (map[string]interface{}, error)

func (*Service) GetLocalRepositoryImpl2

func (s *Service) GetLocalRepositoryImpl2(folderId int64, fileEntryId int64, fileVersionId int64) (map[string]interface{}, error)

func (*Service) GetRepository

func (s *Service) GetRepository(repositoryId int64) (map[string]interface{}, error)

func (*Service) GetRepositoryImpl

func (s *Service) GetRepositoryImpl(repositoryId int64) (map[string]interface{}, error)

func (*Service) GetRepositoryImpl2

func (s *Service) GetRepositoryImpl2(folderId int64, fileEntryId int64, fileVersionId int64) (map[string]interface{}, error)

func (*Service) GetSupportedConfigurations

func (s *Service) GetSupportedConfigurations(classNameId int64) ([]interface{}, error)

func (*Service) GetSupportedParameters

func (s *Service) GetSupportedParameters(classNameId int64, configuration string) ([]interface{}, error)

func (*Service) GetTypeSettingsProperties

func (s *Service) GetTypeSettingsProperties(repositoryId int64) (map[string]interface{}, error)

func (*Service) UpdateRepository

func (s *Service) UpdateRepository(repositoryId int64, name string, description string) error

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