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Published: May 11, 2021 License: BSD-3-Clause, MIT Imports: 6 Imported by: 0




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var (
	ApiVersion = "1.4"

	UUID            = "UUID_HERE"
	TaskResponses   []json.RawMessage
	UploadResponses []json.RawMessage


func DecryptMessage

func DecryptMessage(msg []byte, k string) []byte

func EncryptMessage

func EncryptMessage(msg []byte, k string) []byte

func GenerateSessionID

func GenerateSessionID() string

func NewInstance

func NewInstance() interface{}


type Profile

type Profile interface {
	CheckIn(ip string, pid int, user string, host string, os string, arch string) interface{} // CheckIn method for sending the initial checkin to the server
	GetTasking() interface{}                                                                  // GetTasking method for retrieving the next task from apfell
	PostResponse(output []byte, skipChunking bool) []byte                                     // Post a task response to the server
	NegotiateKey() string                                                                     // Start EKE key negotiation for encrypted comms
	SendFile(task structs.Task, params string, ch chan []byte)                                // C2 profile implementation for downloading files
	GetFile(task structs.Task, fileDetails structs.FileUploadParams, ch chan []byte)          // C2 Profile implementation to get a file with specified id // C2 profile helper function to retrieve any arbitrary value for a profile
	SendFileChunks(task structs.Task, data []byte, ch chan []byte)                            // C2 helper function to upload a file
	SleepInterval() int
	SetSleepInterval(interval int)
	SetSleepJitter(jitter int)
	ApfID() string
	SetApfellID(newID string)
	ProfileType() string

Profile - Primary interface for apfell C2 profiles

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