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Package crypt provides interface for password crypt functions and collects common constants.



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var ErrKeyMismatch = errors.New("hashed value is not the hash of the given password")


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type Crypter

type Crypter interface {
	// Generate performs the hashing algorithm, returning a full hash suitable
	// for storage and later password verification.
	// If the salt is empty, a randomly-generated salt will be generated with a
	// length of SaltLenMax and number RoundsDefault of rounds.
	// Any error only can be got when the salt argument is not empty.
	Generate(key, salt []byte) (string, error)

	// Verify compares a hashed key with its possible key equivalent.
	// Returns nil on success, or an error on failure; if the hashed key is
	// diffrent, the error is "ErrKeyMismatch".
	Verify(hashedKey string, key []byte) error

	// Cost returns the hashing cost (in rounds) used to create the given hashed
	// key.
	// When, in the future, the hashing cost of a key needs to be increased in
	// order to adjust for greater computational power, this function allows one
	// to establish which keys need to be updated.
	// The algorithms based in MD5-crypt use a fixed value of rounds.
	Cost(hashedKey string) (int, error)

	// SetSalt sets a different salt. It is used to easily create derivated
	// algorithms, i.e. "apr1_crypt" from "md5_crypt".
	SetSalt(salt common.Salt)

Crypter is the common interface implemented by all crypt functions.

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Package sha512crypt implements Ulrich Drepper's SHA512-crypt password hashing algorithm.
Package sha512crypt implements Ulrich Drepper's SHA512-crypt password hashing algorithm.

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