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func AllowedClients

func AllowedClients() []string

AllowedClients returns list of clients which are allowed to connect to daemon (list of absolute paths to binaries)

func FirewallScript

func FirewallScript() string

FirewallScript returns path to firewal script

func Init

func Init() (warnings []string, errors []error)

Init - initialize all preferences required for a daemon Must be called on beginning of application start by a daemon(service)

func Is64Bit

func Is64Bit() bool

Is64Bit - returns 'true' if binary compiled in 64-bit architecture

func LogFile

func LogFile() string

LogFile path to log-file

func ObfsproxyHostPort

func ObfsproxyHostPort() int

ObfsproxyHostPort is an port of obfsproxy host

func ObfsproxyStartScript

func ObfsproxyStartScript() string

ObfsproxyStartScript path to obfsproxy binary

func OpenVpnBinaryPath

func OpenVpnBinaryPath() string

OpenVpnBinaryPath path to openvpn binary

func OpenvpnCaKeyFile

func OpenvpnCaKeyFile() string

OpenvpnCaKeyFile path to openvpn CA key file

func OpenvpnConfigFile

func OpenvpnConfigFile() string

OpenvpnConfigFile path to openvpn config file

func OpenvpnDownScript

func OpenvpnDownScript() string

OpenvpnDownScript path to openvpn Down script file

func OpenvpnLogFile

func OpenvpnLogFile() string

OpenvpnLogFile path to log-file for openvpn

func OpenvpnProxyAuthFile

func OpenvpnProxyAuthFile() string

OpenvpnProxyAuthFile path to openvpn proxy credentials file

func OpenvpnTaKeyFile

func OpenvpnTaKeyFile() string

OpenvpnTaKeyFile path to openvpn TA key file

func OpenvpnUpScript

func OpenvpnUpScript() string

OpenvpnUpScript path to openvpn UP script file

func OpenvpnUserParamsFile

func OpenvpnUserParamsFile() string

OpenvpnUserParamsFile returns a path to a user-defined extra peremeters for OpenVPN configuration

func RouteCommand

func RouteCommand() string

RouteCommand shell command to update routing table Example: "/sbin/route" - for macOS, "/sbin/ip route" - for Linux, "C:\\Windows\\System32\\ROUTE.EXE" - for Windows

func ServersFile

func ServersFile() string

ServersFile path to servers.json

func ServicePortFile

func ServicePortFile() string

ServicePortFile path to service port file

func SettingsFile

func SettingsFile() string

SettingsFile path to settings file

func WGConfigFilePath

func WGConfigFilePath() string

WGConfigFilePath path to WireGuard configuration file

func WgBinaryPath

func WgBinaryPath() string

WgBinaryPath path to WireGuard binary

func WgToolBinaryPath

func WgToolBinaryPath() string

WgToolBinaryPath path to WireGuard tools binary


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