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const (
	// ServiceName - The name of service.
	ServiceName = "Engines"


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type AddEngineCommandInput

type AddEngineCommandInput struct {
	Body models.EngineView

AddEngineCommandInput - Inputs for AddEngineCommand

type DeleteEngineCommandInput

type DeleteEngineCommandInput struct {
	Id string

DeleteEngineCommandInput - Inputs for DeleteEngineCommand

type EnginesAPI

type EnginesAPI interface {
	GetEnginesCommand(input *GetEnginesCommandInput) (output *models.EnginesView, resp *http.Response, err error)
	AddEngineCommand(input *AddEngineCommandInput) (output *models.EngineView, resp *http.Response, err error)
	GetEngineCertificatesCommand(input *GetEngineCertificatesCommandInput) (output *models.EngineCertificateView, resp *http.Response, err error)
	GetEngineCertificateCommand(input *GetEngineCertificateCommandInput) (output *models.EngineCertificateView, resp *http.Response, err error)
	GetEngineStatusCommand() (output *models.EngineHealthStatusView, resp *http.Response, err error)
	DeleteEngineCommand(input *DeleteEngineCommandInput) (resp *http.Response, err error)
	GetEngineCommand(input *GetEngineCommandInput) (output *models.EngineView, resp *http.Response, err error)
	UpdateEngineCommand(input *UpdateEngineCommandInput) (output *models.EngineView, resp *http.Response, err error)
	GetEngineConfigFileCommand(input *GetEngineConfigFileCommandInput) (resp *http.Response, err error)

type EnginesService

type EnginesService struct {

EnginesService provides the API operations for making requests to Engines endpoint.

func New

func New(cfg *config.Config) *EnginesService

New createa a new instance of the EnginesService client.


cfg := config.NewConfig().WithUsername("Administrator").WithPassword("2FederateM0re").WithEndpoint(paURL.String())

//Create a EnginesService from the configuration
svc := engines.New(cfg)

func (*EnginesService) AddEngineCommand

func (s *EnginesService) AddEngineCommand(input *AddEngineCommandInput) (output *models.EngineView, resp *http.Response, err error)

AddEngineCommand - Add an Engine RequestType: POST Input: input *AddEngineCommandInput

func (*EnginesService) DeleteEngineCommand

func (s *EnginesService) DeleteEngineCommand(input *DeleteEngineCommandInput) (resp *http.Response, err error)

DeleteEngineCommand - Delete an Engine RequestType: DELETE Input: input *DeleteEngineCommandInput

func (*EnginesService) GetEngineCertificateCommand

func (s *EnginesService) GetEngineCertificateCommand(input *GetEngineCertificateCommandInput) (output *models.EngineCertificateView, resp *http.Response, err error)

GetEngineCertificateCommand - Get an Engine Certificate RequestType: GET Input: input *GetEngineCertificateCommandInput

func (*EnginesService) GetEngineCertificatesCommand

func (s *EnginesService) GetEngineCertificatesCommand(input *GetEngineCertificatesCommandInput) (output *models.EngineCertificateView, resp *http.Response, err error)

GetEngineCertificatesCommand - Get all Engine Certificates RequestType: GET Input: input *GetEngineCertificatesCommandInput

func (*EnginesService) GetEngineCommand

func (s *EnginesService) GetEngineCommand(input *GetEngineCommandInput) (output *models.EngineView, resp *http.Response, err error)

GetEngineCommand - Get an Engine RequestType: GET Input: input *GetEngineCommandInput

func (*EnginesService) GetEngineConfigFileCommand

func (s *EnginesService) GetEngineConfigFileCommand(input *GetEngineConfigFileCommandInput) (resp *http.Response, err error)

GetEngineConfigFileCommand - Get configuration file for an Engine RequestType: POST Input: input *GetEngineConfigFileCommandInput

func (*EnginesService) GetEngineStatusCommand

func (s *EnginesService) GetEngineStatusCommand() (output *models.EngineHealthStatusView, resp *http.Response, err error)

GetEngineStatusCommand - Get health status of all Engines RequestType: GET Input:

func (*EnginesService) GetEnginesCommand

func (s *EnginesService) GetEnginesCommand(input *GetEnginesCommandInput) (output *models.EnginesView, resp *http.Response, err error)

GetEnginesCommand - Get all Engines RequestType: GET Input: input *GetEnginesCommandInput

func (*EnginesService) UpdateEngineCommand

func (s *EnginesService) UpdateEngineCommand(input *UpdateEngineCommandInput) (output *models.EngineView, resp *http.Response, err error)

UpdateEngineCommand - Update an Engine RequestType: PUT Input: input *UpdateEngineCommandInput

type GetEngineCertificateCommandInput

type GetEngineCertificateCommandInput struct {
	Id string

GetEngineCertificateCommandInput - Inputs for GetEngineCertificateCommand

type GetEngineCertificatesCommandInput

type GetEngineCertificatesCommandInput struct {
	Page          string
	NumberPerPage string
	Filter        string
	Alias         string
	SortKey       string
	Order         string

GetEngineCertificatesCommandInput - Inputs for GetEngineCertificatesCommand

type GetEngineCommandInput

type GetEngineCommandInput struct {
	Id string

GetEngineCommandInput - Inputs for GetEngineCommand

type GetEngineConfigFileCommandInput

type GetEngineConfigFileCommandInput struct {
	Id string

GetEngineConfigFileCommandInput - Inputs for GetEngineConfigFileCommand

type GetEnginesCommandInput

type GetEnginesCommandInput struct {
	Page          string
	NumberPerPage string
	Filter        string
	Name          string
	SortKey       string
	Order         string

GetEnginesCommandInput - Inputs for GetEnginesCommand

type UpdateEngineCommandInput

type UpdateEngineCommandInput struct {
	Body models.EngineView
	Id   string

UpdateEngineCommandInput - Inputs for UpdateEngineCommand

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