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A Slack client for your terminal.



Binary installation

Download a compatible binary for your system. For convenience, place slack-term in a directory where you can access it from the command line. Usually this is /usr/local/bin.

$ mv slack-term /usr/local/bin
Via Go

If you want, you can also get slack-term via Go:

$ go get -u
$ cd $GOPATH/src/
$ go install .


  1. Get a slack token, click here

  2. Create a .slack-term file, and place it in your home directory. Below is an example of such a file. You are only required to specify a slack_token. For more configuration options of the .slack-term file, see the wiki.

    "slack_token": "yourslacktokenhere"


When everything is setup correctly you can run slack-term with the following command:

$ slack-term

Default Key Mapping

Below are the default key-mappings for slack-term, you can change them in your .slack-term file.

mode key action
command i insert mode
command / search mode
command k move channel cursor up
command j move channel cursor down
command g move channel cursor top
command G move channel cursor bottom
command pg-up scroll chat pane up
command ctrl-b scroll chat pane up
command ctrl-u scroll chat pane up
command pg-down scroll chat pane down
command ctrl-f scroll chat pane down
command ctrl-d scroll chat pane down
command n next search match
command N previous search match
command q quit
command f1 help
insert left move input cursor left
insert right move input cursor right
insert enter send message
insert esc command mode
search esc command mode
search enter command mode


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