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func New

func New() iface.Backend

New creates EagerBackend instance


type Backend

type Backend struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Backend represents an "eager" in-memory result backend

func (*Backend) GetState

func (b *Backend) GetState(taskUUID string) (*tasks.TaskState, error)

GetState returns the latest task state

func (*Backend) GroupCompleted

func (b *Backend) GroupCompleted(groupUUID string, groupTaskCount int) (bool, error)

GroupCompleted returns true if all tasks in a group finished

func (*Backend) GroupTaskStates

func (b *Backend) GroupTaskStates(groupUUID string, groupTaskCount int) ([]*tasks.TaskState, error)

GroupTaskStates returns states of all tasks in the group

func (*Backend) InitGroup

func (b *Backend) InitGroup(groupUUID string, taskUUIDs []string) error

InitGroup creates and saves a group meta data object

func (*Backend) PurgeGroupMeta

func (b *Backend) PurgeGroupMeta(groupUUID string) error

PurgeGroupMeta deletes stored group meta data

func (*Backend) PurgeState

func (b *Backend) PurgeState(taskUUID string) error

PurgeState deletes stored task state

func (*Backend) SetStateFailure

func (b *Backend) SetStateFailure(signature *tasks.Signature, err string) error

SetStateFailure updates task state to FAILURE

func (*Backend) SetStatePending

func (b *Backend) SetStatePending(signature *tasks.Signature) error

SetStatePending updates task state to PENDING

func (*Backend) SetStateReceived

func (b *Backend) SetStateReceived(signature *tasks.Signature) error

SetStateReceived updates task state to RECEIVED

func (*Backend) SetStateRetry

func (b *Backend) SetStateRetry(signature *tasks.Signature) error

SetStateRetry updates task state to RETRY

func (*Backend) SetStateStarted

func (b *Backend) SetStateStarted(signature *tasks.Signature) error

SetStateStarted updates task state to STARTED

func (*Backend) SetStateSuccess

func (b *Backend) SetStateSuccess(signature *tasks.Signature, results []*tasks.TaskResult) error

SetStateSuccess updates task state to SUCCESS

func (*Backend) TriggerChord

func (b *Backend) TriggerChord(groupUUID string) (bool, error)

TriggerChord flags chord as triggered in the backend storage to make sure chord is never trigerred multiple times. Returns a boolean flag to indicate whether the worker should trigger chord (true) or no if it has been triggered already (false)

type ErrGroupNotFound

type ErrGroupNotFound struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ErrGroupNotFound ...

func NewErrGroupNotFound

func NewErrGroupNotFound(groupUUID string) ErrGroupNotFound

NewErrGroupNotFound returns new instance of ErrGroupNotFound

func (ErrGroupNotFound) Error

func (e ErrGroupNotFound) Error() string

Error implements error interface

type ErrTasknotFound

type ErrTasknotFound struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ErrTasknotFound ...

func NewErrTasknotFound

func NewErrTasknotFound(taskUUID string) ErrTasknotFound

NewErrTasknotFound returns new instance of ErrTasknotFound

func (ErrTasknotFound) Error

func (e ErrTasknotFound) Error() string

Error implements error interface

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