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func New

func New(cnf *config.Config) (iface.Backend, error)

New creates Backend instance


type Backend

type Backend struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Backend represents a MongoDB result backend

func (*Backend) GetState

func (b *Backend) GetState(taskUUID string) (*tasks.TaskState, error)

GetState returns the latest task state

func (*Backend) GroupCompleted

func (b *Backend) GroupCompleted(groupUUID string, groupTaskCount int) (bool, error)

GroupCompleted returns true if all tasks in a group finished

func (*Backend) GroupTaskStates

func (b *Backend) GroupTaskStates(groupUUID string, groupTaskCount int) ([]*tasks.TaskState, error)

GroupTaskStates returns states of all tasks in the group

func (*Backend) InitGroup

func (b *Backend) InitGroup(groupUUID string, taskUUIDs []string) error

InitGroup creates and saves a group meta data object

func (*Backend) PurgeGroupMeta

func (b *Backend) PurgeGroupMeta(groupUUID string) error

PurgeGroupMeta deletes stored group meta data

func (*Backend) PurgeState

func (b *Backend) PurgeState(taskUUID string) error

PurgeState deletes stored task state

func (*Backend) SetStateFailure

func (b *Backend) SetStateFailure(signature *tasks.Signature, err string) error

SetStateFailure updates task state to FAILURE

func (*Backend) SetStatePending

func (b *Backend) SetStatePending(signature *tasks.Signature) error

SetStatePending updates task state to PENDING

func (*Backend) SetStateReceived

func (b *Backend) SetStateReceived(signature *tasks.Signature) error

SetStateReceived updates task state to RECEIVED

func (*Backend) SetStateRetry

func (b *Backend) SetStateRetry(signature *tasks.Signature) error

SetStateRetry updates task state to RETRY

func (*Backend) SetStateStarted

func (b *Backend) SetStateStarted(signature *tasks.Signature) error

SetStateStarted updates task state to STARTED

func (*Backend) SetStateSuccess

func (b *Backend) SetStateSuccess(signature *tasks.Signature, results []*tasks.TaskResult) error

SetStateSuccess updates task state to SUCCESS

func (*Backend) TriggerChord

func (b *Backend) TriggerChord(groupUUID string) (bool, error)

TriggerChord flags chord as triggered in the backend storage to make sure chord is never triggered multiple times. Returns a boolean flag to indicate whether the worker should trigger chord (true) or no if it has been triggered already (false)

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