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const (
	// DefaultResultsExpireIn is a default time used to expire task states and group metadata from the backend
	DefaultResultsExpireIn = 24 * 3600


This section is empty.


func ReadFromFile

func ReadFromFile(cnfPath string) ([]byte, error)

ReadFromFile reads data from a file


type AMQPConfig

type AMQPConfig struct {
	Exchange         string           `yaml:"exchange" envconfig:"AMQP_EXCHANGE"`
	ExchangeType     string           `yaml:"exchange_type" envconfig:"AMQP_EXCHANGE_TYPE"`
	QueueBindingArgs QueueBindingArgs `yaml:"queue_binding_args" envconfig:"AMQP_QUEUE_BINDING_ARGS"`
	BindingKey       string           `yaml:"binding_key" envconfig:"AMQP_BINDING_KEY"`
	PrefetchCount    int              `yaml:"prefetch_count" envconfig:"AMQP_PREFETCH_COUNT"`

AMQPConfig wraps RabbitMQ related configuration

type Config

type Config struct {
	Broker          string           `yaml:"broker" envconfig:"BROKER"`
	DefaultQueue    string           `yaml:"default_queue" envconfig:"DEFAULT_QUEUE"`
	ResultBackend   string           `yaml:"result_backend" envconfig:"RESULT_BACKEND"`
	ResultsExpireIn int              `yaml:"results_expire_in" envconfig:"RESULTS_EXPIRE_IN"`
	AMQP            *AMQPConfig      `yaml:"amqp"`
	SQS             *SQSConfig       `yaml:"sqs"`
	Redis           *RedisConfig     `yaml:"redis"`
	GCPPubSub       *GCPPubSubConfig `yaml:"-" ignored:"true"`
	MongoDB         *MongoDBConfig   `yamk:"-" ignored:"ture"`
	TLSConfig       *tls.Config
	// NoUnixSignals - when set disables signal handling in machinery
	NoUnixSignals bool            `yaml:"no_unix_signals" envconfig:"NO_UNIX_SIGNALS"`
	DynamoDB      *DynamoDBConfig `yaml:"dynamodb"`

Config holds all configuration for our program

func NewFromEnvironment

func NewFromEnvironment(keepReloading bool) (*Config, error)

NewFromEnvironment creates a config object from environment variables

func NewFromYaml

func NewFromYaml(cnfPath string, keepReloading bool) (*Config, error)

NewFromYaml creates a config object from YAML file

type DynamoDBConfig added in v1.3.1

type DynamoDBConfig struct {
	Client          *dynamodb.DynamoDB
	TaskStatesTable string `yaml:"task_states_table" envconfig:"TASK_STATES_TABLE"`
	GroupMetasTable string `yaml:"group_metas_table" envconfig:"GROUP_METAS_TABLE"`

DynamoDBConfig wraps DynamoDB related configuration

type GCPPubSubConfig added in v1.6.1

type GCPPubSubConfig struct {
	Client       *pubsub.Client
	MaxExtension time.Duration

GCPPubSubConfig wraps GCP PubSub related configuration

type MongoDBConfig added in v1.6.1

type MongoDBConfig struct {
	Client   *mongo.Client
	Database string

MongoDBConfig ...

type QueueBindingArgs

type QueueBindingArgs map[string]interface{}

QueueBindingArgs arguments which are used when binding to the exchange

func (*QueueBindingArgs) Decode

func (args *QueueBindingArgs) Decode(value string) error

Decode from yaml to map (any field whose type or pointer-to-type implements envconfig.Decoder can control its own deserialization)

type RedisConfig added in v1.3.6

type RedisConfig struct {
	// Maximum number of idle connections in the pool.
	MaxIdle int `yaml:"max_idle" envconfig:"REDIS_MAX_IDLE"`

	// Maximum number of connections allocated by the pool at a given time.
	// When zero, there is no limit on the number of connections in the pool.
	MaxActive int `yaml:"max_active" envconfig:"REDIS_MAX_ACTIVE"`

	// Close connections after remaining idle for this duration in seconds. If the value
	// is zero, then idle connections are not closed. Applications should set
	// the timeout to a value less than the server's timeout.
	IdleTimeout int `yaml:"max_idle_timeout" envconfig:"REDIS_IDLE_TIMEOUT"`

	// If Wait is true and the pool is at the MaxActive limit, then Get() waits
	// for a connection to be returned to the pool before returning.
	Wait bool `yaml:"wait" envconfig:"REDIS_WAIT"`

	// ReadTimeout specifies the timeout in seconds for reading a single command reply.
	ReadTimeout int `yaml:"read_timeout" envconfig:"REDIS_READ_TIMEOUT"`

	// WriteTimeout specifies the timeout in seconds for writing a single command.
	WriteTimeout int `yaml:"write_timeout" envconfig:"REDIS_WRITE_TIMEOUT"`

	// ConnectTimeout specifies the timeout in seconds for connecting to the Redis server when
	// no DialNetDial option is specified.
	ConnectTimeout int `yaml:"connect_timeout" envconfig:"REDIS_CONNECT_TIMEOUT"`

	// DelayedTasksPollPeriod specifies the period in milliseconds when polling redis for delayed tasks
	DelayedTasksPollPeriod int `yaml:"delayed_tasks_poll_period" envconfig:"REDIS_DELAYED_TASKS_POLL_PERIOD"`

RedisConfig ...

type SQSConfig added in v1.2.1

type SQSConfig struct {
	Client          *sqs.SQS
	WaitTimeSeconds int `yaml:"receive_wait_time_seconds" envconfig:"SQS_WAIT_TIME_SECONDS"`
	// visibility timeout should default to nil to use the overall visibility timeout for the queue
	VisibilityTimeout *int `yaml:"receive_visibility_timeout" envconfig:"SQS_VISIBILITY_TIMEOUT"`

SQSConfig wraps SQS related configuration

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