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type AttendListAPI

type AttendListAPI struct {

	// JSONConsumer registers a consumer for a "application/json" mime type
	JSONConsumer httpkit.Consumer

	// JSONProducer registers a producer for a "application/json" mime type
	JSONProducer httpkit.Producer

	// EventsDeleteEventByIDHandler sets the operation handler for the delete event by Id operation
	EventsDeleteEventByIDHandler events.DeleteEventByIDHandler
	// EventsGetEventByIDHandler sets the operation handler for the get event by Id operation
	EventsGetEventByIDHandler events.GetEventByIDHandler
	// EventsGetEventsHandler sets the operation handler for the get events operation
	EventsGetEventsHandler events.GetEventsHandler
	// EventsPostEventHandler sets the operation handler for the post event operation
	EventsPostEventHandler events.PostEventHandler
	// EventsPutEventByIDHandler sets the operation handler for the put event by Id operation
	EventsPutEventByIDHandler events.PutEventByIDHandler

	// ServeError is called when an error is received, there is a default handler
	// but you can set your own with this
	ServeError func(http.ResponseWriter, *http.Request, error)

	// ServerShutdown is called when the HTTP(S) server is shut down and done
	// handling all active connections and does not accept connections any more
	ServerShutdown func()

	// Custom command line argument groups with their descriptions
	CommandLineOptionsGroups []swag.CommandLineOptionsGroup
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

AttendListAPI AttendList service.

func NewAttendListAPI

func NewAttendListAPI(spec *loads.Document) *AttendListAPI

NewAttendListAPI creates a new AttendList instance

func (*AttendListAPI) AuthenticatorsFor

func (o *AttendListAPI) AuthenticatorsFor(schemes map[string]spec.SecurityScheme) map[string]httpkit.Authenticator

AuthenticatorsFor gets the authenticators for the specified security schemes

func (*AttendListAPI) ConsumersFor

func (o *AttendListAPI) ConsumersFor(mediaTypes []string) map[string]httpkit.Consumer

ConsumersFor gets the consumers for the specified media types

func (*AttendListAPI) DefaultConsumes

func (o *AttendListAPI) DefaultConsumes() string

DefaultConsumes returns the default consumes media type

func (*AttendListAPI) DefaultProduces

func (o *AttendListAPI) DefaultProduces() string

DefaultProduces returns the default produces media type

func (*AttendListAPI) Formats

func (o *AttendListAPI) Formats() strfmt.Registry

Formats returns the registered string formats

func (*AttendListAPI) HandlerFor

func (o *AttendListAPI) HandlerFor(method, path string) (http.Handler, bool)

HandlerFor gets a http.Handler for the provided operation method and path

func (*AttendListAPI) ProducersFor

func (o *AttendListAPI) ProducersFor(mediaTypes []string) map[string]httpkit.Producer

ProducersFor gets the producers for the specified media types

func (*AttendListAPI) RegisterFormat

func (o *AttendListAPI) RegisterFormat(name string, format strfmt.Format, validator strfmt.Validator)

RegisterFormat registers a custom format validator

func (*AttendListAPI) Serve

func (o *AttendListAPI) Serve(builder middleware.Builder) http.Handler

Serve creates a http handler to serve the API over HTTP can be used directly in http.ListenAndServe(":8000", api.Serve(nil))

func (*AttendListAPI) ServeErrorFor

func (o *AttendListAPI) ServeErrorFor(operationID string) func(http.ResponseWriter, *http.Request, error)

ServeErrorFor gets a error handler for a given operation id

func (*AttendListAPI) SetDefaultConsumes

func (o *AttendListAPI) SetDefaultConsumes(mediaType string)

SetDefaultConsumes returns the default consumes media type

func (*AttendListAPI) SetDefaultProduces

func (o *AttendListAPI) SetDefaultProduces(mediaType string)

SetDefaultProduces sets the default produces media type

func (*AttendListAPI) Validate

func (o *AttendListAPI) Validate() error

Validate validates the registrations in the AttendListAPI


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