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func ChangePassword

func ChangePassword(ctx context.Context, auth users.AuthServiceClient)

ChangePassword service client

func CreateBranch

func CreateBranch(ctx context.Context, branch users.BranchServiceClient)

CreateBranch service client

func CreateEmployee

func CreateEmployee(ctx context.Context, employee users.EmployeeServiceClient)

CreateEmployee service client

func CreateGroup

func CreateGroup(ctx context.Context, group users.GroupServiceClient)

CreateGroup service client

func CreateRegion

func CreateRegion(ctx context.Context, region users.RegionServiceClient)

CreateRegion service client

func CreateUser

func CreateUser(ctx context.Context, user users.UserServiceClient)

CreateUser service Client

func DeleteBranch

func DeleteBranch(ctx context.Context, branch users.BranchServiceClient)

DeleteBranch service client

func DeleteEmployee

func DeleteEmployee(ctx context.Context, employee users.EmployeeServiceClient)

DeleteEmployee service client

func DeleteGroup

func DeleteGroup(ctx context.Context, group users.GroupServiceClient)

DeleteGroup service client

func DeleteRegion

func DeleteRegion(ctx context.Context, region users.RegionServiceClient)

DeleteRegion service client

func DeleteUser

func DeleteUser(ctx context.Context, user users.UserServiceClient)

DeleteUser service client

func ForgotPassword

func ForgotPassword(ctx context.Context, auth users.AuthServiceClient)

ForgotPassword service client

func GetUserByToken

func GetUserByToken(ctx context.Context, user users.UserServiceClient)

GetUserByToken service client

func GrantAccess

func GrantAccess(ctx context.Context, group users.GroupServiceClient)

GrantAccess service client

func IsAuth

func IsAuth(ctx context.Context, auth users.AuthServiceClient)

IsAuth service client

func ListBranch

func ListBranch(ctx context.Context, branch users.BranchServiceClient)

ListBranch service client

func ListEmployee

func ListEmployee(ctx context.Context, employee users.EmployeeServiceClient)

ListEmployee service client

func ListFeature

func ListFeature(ctx context.Context, feature users.FeatureServiceClient)

ListFeature service client

func ListGroup

func ListGroup(ctx context.Context, group users.GroupServiceClient)

ListGroup service client

func ListPackageFeature

func ListPackageFeature(ctx context.Context, packageFeature users.PackageFeatureServiceClient)

ListPackageFeature service client

func ListRegion

func ListRegion(ctx context.Context, region users.RegionServiceClient)

ListRegion service client

func ListUser

func ListUser(ctx context.Context, user users.UserServiceClient)

ListUser service client

func Login

Login service client

func Registration

func Registration(ctx context.Context, company users.CompanyServiceClient)

Registration service client

func ResetPassword

func ResetPassword(ctx context.Context, auth users.AuthServiceClient)

ResetPassword service client

func RevokeAccess

func RevokeAccess(ctx context.Context, group users.GroupServiceClient)

RevokeAccess service client

func UpdateBranch

func UpdateBranch(ctx context.Context, branch users.BranchServiceClient)

UpdateBranch service client

func UpdateCompany

func UpdateCompany(ctx context.Context, company users.CompanyServiceClient)

UpdateCompany service client

func UpdateEmployee

func UpdateEmployee(ctx context.Context, employee users.EmployeeServiceClient)

UpdateEmployee service client

func UpdateGroup

func UpdateGroup(ctx context.Context, group users.GroupServiceClient)

UpdateGroup service client

func UpdateRegion

func UpdateRegion(ctx context.Context, region users.RegionServiceClient)

UpdateRegion service client

func UpdateUser

func UpdateUser(ctx context.Context, user users.UserServiceClient)

UpdateUser service client

func ViewAccessTree

func ViewAccessTree(ctx context.Context, access users.AccessServiceClient)

ViewAccessTree service client

func ViewBranch

func ViewBranch(ctx context.Context, branch users.BranchServiceClient)

ViewBranch service client

func ViewCompany

func ViewCompany(ctx context.Context, company users.CompanyServiceClient)

ViewCompany service client

func ViewEmployee

func ViewEmployee(ctx context.Context, employee users.EmployeeServiceClient)

ViewEmployee service client

func ViewGroup

func ViewGroup(ctx context.Context, group users.GroupServiceClient)

ViewGroup service client

func ViewPackageFeature

func ViewPackageFeature(ctx context.Context, packageFeature users.PackageFeatureServiceClient)

ViewPackageFeature service client

func ViewRegion

func ViewRegion(ctx context.Context, region users.RegionServiceClient)

ViewRegion service client

func ViewUser

func ViewUser(ctx context.Context, user users.UserServiceClient)

ViewUser service cient


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