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Go Boilerplate

This is my current boilerplate for starting new golang projects. This Boilerplate is for building a small golang API server and contains a bunch of nice additions for deployment, as well as providing a nice project structure. This boilerplate uses the cobra CLI framework to provide a hooked-up-out-of-the-box configuration file. There is also a ready to go Dockerfile that builds a lightweight alpine image to snugly wrap your binary.

You will want to install cobra on your system if you don't already have it in order to add more commands. The boilerplate only has serve and version. Add commands with cobra add {{ .Command.Name }}.

To adopt this boilerplate you will need to change names in the following places:

  • Once you clone this repo you will need to change the name of the folder to the name of your project.
  • The Makefile controls most of the configuration. Just change the variables at the top to match your needs:
BINARY            = go-boilerplate
GITHUB_USERNAME   = jackzampolin
DOCKER_REPO       = quay.io/jackzampolin
VERSION           = v0.1.0
PORT 							= 3000
  • Change the name of the go-boilerplate.yaml file to match the name of your project. You will want to make a copy it to ~/.{{ .Project.Name }} to that you don't have to run every command with the --config="~/.{{ .Project.Name }}" flag.
  • Fix the project name in the golang code:
$ make rename
Build and Run

To build and run this boilerplate run:

$ make install
$ go-boilerplate
A boilerplate for an API written in Golang

  go-boilerplate [command]

Available Commands:
  help        Help about any command
  serve       Runs the server
  version     Prints version information

      --config string   config file (default is $HOME/.go-boilerplate.yaml)
  -h, --help            help for go-boilerplate
  -t, --toggle          Help message for toggle

Use "go-boilerplate [command] --help" for more information about a command.

To build the docker image with appropriate tags:

$ make docker

To push the docker image to the configured repo:

$ make docker-push

To run the just built docker image with the local config loaded and the proper port exposed:

$ make docker-run
Inspiration and Contributors:

https://github.com/silven/go-example/blob/master/Makefile https://vic.demuzere.be/articles/golang-makefile-crosscompile/


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