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const DefaultRegion = "us-west-2"


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func AvailabilityZones

func AvailabilityZones() ([]string, error)

func CreateS3Bucket

func CreateS3Bucket(bucketName string, profile string, region string) (string, error)

    CreateS3Bucket creates a new S3 bucket in the default region with the given bucket name returning the location string

    func GetAccountIDAndRegion

    func GetAccountIDAndRegion(profile string, region string) (string, string, error)

      GetAccountID returns the current account ID

      func GetContainerRegistryHost

      func GetContainerRegistryHost() (string, error)


        func LazyCreateRegistry

        func LazyCreateRegistry(orgName string, appName string) error

          LazyCreateRegistry lazily creates the ECR registry if it does not already exist

          func NewAwsSession

          func NewAwsSession(profileOption string, regionOption string) (*session.Session, error)

          func NewAwsSessionWithoutOptions

          func NewAwsSessionWithoutOptions() (*session.Session, error)

          func RegisterAwsCustomDomain

          func RegisterAwsCustomDomain(customDomain string, elbAddress string) error

            RegisterAwsCustomDomain registers a wildcard ALIAS for the custom domain to point at the given ELB host name

            func ResolveRegion

            func ResolveRegion(profileOption string, regionOption string) (string, error)

            func ResolveRegionWithoutOptions

            func ResolveRegionWithoutOptions() (string, error)


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