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var (
	// The list of standard baud-rates.
	StandardBaudRates = map[uint]bool{
		50:     true,
		75:     true,
		110:    true,
		134:    true,
		150:    true,
		200:    true,
		300:    true,
		600:    true,
		1200:   true,
		1800:   true,
		2400:   true,
		4800:   true,
		7200:   true,
		9600:   true,
		14400:  true,
		19200:  true,
		28800:  true,
		38400:  true,
		57600:  true,
		76800:  true,
		115200: true,
		230400: true,


func IsStandardBaudRate

func IsStandardBaudRate(baudRate uint) bool

IsStandardBaudRate checks whether the specified baud-rate is standard.

Some operating systems may support non-standard baud-rates (OSX) via additional IOCTL.

func Open

func Open(options OpenOptions) (io.ReadWriteCloser, error)

Open creates an io.ReadWriteCloser based on the supplied options struct.


type OpenOptions

type OpenOptions struct {
	// The name of the port, e.g. "/dev/tty.usbserial-A8008HlV".
	PortName string

	// The baud rate for the port.
	BaudRate uint

	// The number of data bits per frame. Legal values are 5, 6, 7, and 8.
	DataBits uint

	// The number of stop bits per frame. Legal values are 1 and 2.
	StopBits uint

	// The type of parity bits to use for the connection. Currently parity errors
	// are simply ignored; that is, bytes are delivered to the user no matter
	// whether they were received with a parity error or not.
	ParityMode ParityMode

	// Enable RTS/CTS (hardware) flow control.
	RTSCTSFlowControl bool

	InterCharacterTimeout uint
	MinimumReadSize       uint

	// Use to enable RS485 mode -- probably only valid on some Linux platforms
	Rs485Enable bool

	// Set to true for logic level high during send
	Rs485RtsHighDuringSend bool

	// Set to true for logic level high after send
	Rs485RtsHighAfterSend bool

	// set to receive data during sending
	Rs485RxDuringTx bool

	// RTS delay before send
	Rs485DelayRtsBeforeSend int

	// RTS delay after send
	Rs485DelayRtsAfterSend int

OpenOptions is the struct containing all of the options necessary for opening a serial port.

type ParityMode

type ParityMode int

Valid parity values.

const (
	PARITY_NONE ParityMode = 0
	PARITY_ODD  ParityMode = 1
	PARITY_EVEN ParityMode = 2

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