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type CQLIterator

type CQLIterator struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

CQLIterator is a wrapper around gocql.Iter.

func WrapCQLIterator

func WrapCQLIterator(iter *gocql.Iter) CQLIterator

WrapCQLIterator creates an Iterator out of *gocql.Iter.

func (CQLIterator) Close

func (i CQLIterator) Close() error

Close delegates to gocql.Iter#Close.

func (CQLIterator) Scan

func (i CQLIterator) Scan(dest ...any) bool

Scan delegates to gocql.Iter#Scan.

type CQLQuery

type CQLQuery struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

CQLQuery is a wrapper around gocql.Query.

func WrapCQLQuery

func WrapCQLQuery(query *gocql.Query) CQLQuery

WrapCQLQuery creates a Query out of *gocql.Query.

func (CQLQuery) Bind

func (q CQLQuery) Bind(v ...any) cassandra.Query

Bind delegates to gocql.Query#Bind and wraps the result as Query.

func (CQLQuery) Consistency

func (q CQLQuery) Consistency(level cassandra.Consistency) cassandra.Query

Consistency delegates to gocql.Query#Consistency and wraps the result as Query.

func (CQLQuery) Exec

func (q CQLQuery) Exec() error

Exec delegates to gocql.Query#Exec.

func (CQLQuery) Iter

func (q CQLQuery) Iter() cassandra.Iterator

Iter delegates to gocql.Query#Iter and wraps the result as Iterator.

func (CQLQuery) PageSize

func (q CQLQuery) PageSize(n int) cassandra.Query

PageSize delegates to gocql.Query#PageSize and wraps the result as Query.

func (CQLQuery) ScanCAS

func (q CQLQuery) ScanCAS(dest ...any) (bool, error)

ScanCAS delegates to gocql.Query#ScanCAS.

func (CQLQuery) String

func (q CQLQuery) String() string

String returns string representation of this query.

type CQLSession

type CQLSession struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

CQLSession is a wrapper around gocql.Session.

func WrapCQLSession

func WrapCQLSession(session *gocql.Session) CQLSession

WrapCQLSession creates a Session out of *gocql.Session.

func (CQLSession) Close

func (s CQLSession) Close()

Close delegates to gocql.Session#Close.

func (CQLSession) Query

func (s CQLSession) Query(stmt string, values ...any) cassandra.Query

Query delegates to gocql.Session#Query and wraps the result as Query.


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