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    const (
    	// SeriesAll defines a platform that targets all series.
    	SeriesAll = "all"
    	// ArchAll defines a platform that targets all architectures.
    	ArchAll = "all"


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    func IsMachineOrNewContainer

    func IsMachineOrNewContainer(spec string) bool

      IsMachineOrNewContainer returns whether spec is a valid machine id or new container definition.

      func NewAddRelationCommand

      func NewAddRelationCommand() cmd.Command

        NewAddRelationCommand returns a command to add a relation between 2 applications.

        func NewAddUnitCommand

        func NewAddUnitCommand() cmd.Command

          NewAddUnitCommand returns a command that adds a unit[s] to an application.

          func NewApplicationGetConstraintsCommand

          func NewApplicationGetConstraintsCommand() modelcmd.ModelCommand

            NewApplicationGetConstraintsCommand returns a command which gets application constraints.

            func NewApplicationSetConstraintsCommand

            func NewApplicationSetConstraintsCommand() modelcmd.ModelCommand

              NewApplicationSetConstraintsCommand returns a command which sets application constraints.

              func NewBindCommand

              func NewBindCommand() cmd.Command

                NewBindCommand returns a command which changes the bindings for an application.

                func NewConfigCommand

                func NewConfigCommand() cmd.Command

                  NewConfigCommand returns a command used to get, reset, and set application charm attributes.

                  func NewConfigCommandForTest

                  func NewConfigCommandForTest(api applicationAPI, store jujuclient.ClientStore) modelcmd.ModelCommand

                    NewConfigCommandForTest returns a SetCommand with the api provided as specified.

                    func NewConsumeCommand

                    func NewConsumeCommand() cmd.Command

                      NewConsumeCommand returns a command to add remote offers to the model.

                      func NewDeployCommand

                      func NewDeployCommand() modelcmd.ModelCommand

                        NewDeployCommand returns a command to deploy applications.

                        func NewDiffBundleCommand

                        func NewDiffBundleCommand() cmd.Command

                          NewDiffBundleCommand returns a command to compare a bundle against the selected model.

                          func NewExposeCommand

                          func NewExposeCommand() modelcmd.ModelCommand

                            NewExposeCommand returns a command to expose applications.

                            func NewRefreshCommand

                            func NewRefreshCommand() cmd.Command

                              NewRefreshCommand returns a command which upgrades application's charm.

                              func NewRemoveApplicationCommand

                              func NewRemoveApplicationCommand() cmd.Command

                                NewRemoveApplicationCommand returns a command which removes an application.

                                func NewRemoveRelationCommand

                                func NewRemoveRelationCommand() cmd.Command

                                  NewRemoveRelationCommand returns a command to remove a relation between 2 applications.

                                  func NewRemoveSaasCommand

                                  func NewRemoveSaasCommand() cmd.Command

                                    NewRemoveSaasCommand returns a command which removes a consumed application.

                                    func NewRemoveUnitCommand

                                    func NewRemoveUnitCommand() modelcmd.ModelCommand

                                      NewRemoveUnitCommand returns a command which removes an application's units.

                                      func NewResolvedCommand

                                      func NewResolvedCommand() cmd.Command

                                      func NewResumeRelationCommand

                                      func NewResumeRelationCommand() cmd.Command

                                        NewResumeRelationCommand returns a command to resume a relation.

                                        func NewScaleApplicationCommand

                                        func NewScaleApplicationCommand() modelcmd.ModelCommand

                                          NewScaleApplicationCommand returns a command which scales an application's units.

                                          func NewSetSeriesCommand

                                          func NewSetSeriesCommand() cmd.Command

                                            NewSetSeriesCommand returns a command which updates the series of an application.

                                            func NewShowApplicationCommand

                                            func NewShowApplicationCommand() cmd.Command

                                              NewShowApplicationCommand returns a command that displays applications info.

                                              func NewShowUnitCommand

                                              func NewShowUnitCommand() cmd.Command

                                                NewShowUnitCommand returns a command that displays unit info.

                                                func NewSuspendRelationCommand

                                                func NewSuspendRelationCommand() cmd.Command

                                                  NewSuspendRelationCommand returns a command to suspend a relation.

                                                  func NewTrustCommand

                                                  func NewTrustCommand() cmd.Command

                                                  func NewUnexposeCommand

                                                  func NewUnexposeCommand() modelcmd.ModelCommand

                                                    NewUnexposeCommand returns a command to unexpose applications.


                                                    type ApplicationBindClient

                                                    type ApplicationBindClient interface {
                                                    	Get(string, string) (*params.ApplicationGetResults, error)
                                                    	MergeBindings(req params.ApplicationMergeBindingsArgs) error

                                                      ApplicationBindClient defines a subset of the application facade that deals with querying and updating application bindings.

                                                      type ApplicationDestroyRelationAPI

                                                      type ApplicationDestroyRelationAPI interface {
                                                      	Close() error
                                                      	DestroyRelation(force *bool, maxWait *time.Duration, endpoints ...string) error
                                                      	DestroyRelationId(relationId int, force *bool, maxWait *time.Duration) error

                                                        ApplicationDestroyRelationAPI defines the API methods that application remove relation command uses.

                                                        type ApplicationInfo

                                                        type ApplicationInfo struct {
                                                        	Charm            string                     `yaml:"charm,omitempty" json:"charm,omitempty"`
                                                        	Series           string                     `yaml:"series,omitempty" json:"series,omitempty"`
                                                        	Channel          string                     `yaml:"channel,omitempty" json:"channel,omitempty"`
                                                        	Constraints      constraints.Value          `yaml:"constraints,omitempty" json:"constraints,omitempty"`
                                                        	Principal        bool                       `yaml:"principal" json:"principal"`
                                                        	Exposed          bool                       `yaml:"exposed" json:"exposed"`
                                                        	ExposedEndpoints map[string]ExposedEndpoint `yaml:"exposed-endpoints,omitempty" json:"exposed-endpoints,omitempty"`
                                                        	Remote           bool                       `yaml:"remote" json:"remote"`
                                                        	EndpointBindings map[string]string          `yaml:"endpoint-bindings,omitempty" json:"endpoint-bindings,omitempty"`

                                                          ApplicationInfo defines the serialization behaviour of the application information.

                                                          type ApplicationsInfoAPI

                                                          type ApplicationsInfoAPI interface {
                                                          	Close() error
                                                          	ApplicationsInfo([]names.ApplicationTag) ([]params.ApplicationInfoResult, error)

                                                            ApplicationsInfoAPI defines the API methods that show-application command uses.

                                                            type BundleResolver

                                                            type BundleResolver interface {
                                                            	ResolveBundleURL(*charm.URL, commoncharm.Origin) (*charm.URL, commoncharm.Origin, error)
                                                            	GetBundle(*charm.URL, commoncharm.Origin, string) (charm.Bundle, error)

                                                              BundleResolver defines what we need from a charm store to resolve a bundle and read the bundle data.

                                                              type CharmRefreshClient

                                                              type CharmRefreshClient interface {
                                                              	GetCharmURLOrigin(string, string) (*charm.URL, commoncharm.Origin, error)
                                                              	Get(string, string) (*params.ApplicationGetResults, error)
                                                              	SetCharm(string, application.SetCharmConfig) error

                                                                CharmRefreshClient defines a subset of the application facade, as required by the refresh command.

                                                                type CharmResolver

                                                                type CharmResolver interface {
                                                                	ResolveCharm(url *charm.URL, preferredOrigin commoncharm.Origin) (*charm.URL, commoncharm.Origin, []string, error)

                                                                  CharmResolver defines methods required to resolve charms, as required by the refresh command.

                                                                  type DeployAPI

                                                                  type DeployAPI interface {
                                                                  	// PlanURL returns the configured URL prefix for the metering plan API.
                                                                  	PlanURL() string

                                                                  type DeployCommand

                                                                  type DeployCommand struct {
                                                                  	// CharmOrBundle is either a charm URL, a path where a charm can be found,
                                                                  	// or a bundle name.
                                                                  	CharmOrBundle string
                                                                  	// BundleOverlay refers to config files that specify additional bundle
                                                                  	// configuration to be merged with the main bundle.
                                                                  	BundleOverlayFile []string
                                                                  	// Channel holds the channel to use when obtaining
                                                                  	// the charm to be deployed.
                                                                  	Channel corecharm.Channel
                                                                  	// Series is the series of the charm to deploy.
                                                                  	Series string
                                                                  	// Force is used to allow a charm/bundle to be deployed onto a machine
                                                                  	// running an unsupported series.
                                                                  	Force bool
                                                                  	// DryRun is used to specify that the bundle shouldn't actually be
                                                                  	// deployed but just output the changes.
                                                                  	DryRun bool
                                                                  	ApplicationName  string
                                                                  	ConfigOptions    common.ConfigFlag
                                                                  	ConstraintsStr   string
                                                                  	Constraints      constraints.Value
                                                                  	ModelConstraints constraints.Value
                                                                  	BindToSpaces     string
                                                                  	// TODO(axw) move this to UnitCommandBase once we support --storage
                                                                  	// on add-unit too.
                                                                  	// Storage is a map of storage constraints, keyed on the storage name
                                                                  	// defined in charm storage metadata.
                                                                  	Storage map[string]storage.Constraints
                                                                  	// BundleStorage maps application names to maps of storage constraints keyed on
                                                                  	// the storage name defined in that application's charm storage metadata.
                                                                  	BundleStorage map[string]map[string]storage.Constraints
                                                                  	// Devices is a mapping of device constraints, keyed on the device name
                                                                  	// defined in charm devices metadata.
                                                                  	Devices map[string]devices.Constraints
                                                                  	// BundleDevices maps application names to maps of device constraints keyed on
                                                                  	// the device name defined in that application's charm devices metadata.
                                                                  	BundleDevices map[string]map[string]devices.Constraints
                                                                  	// Resources is a map of resource name to filename to be uploaded on deploy.
                                                                  	Resources map[string]string
                                                                  	Bindings map[string]string
                                                                  	Steps    []deployer.DeployStep
                                                                  	// UseExisting machines when deploying the bundle.
                                                                  	UseExisting bool
                                                                  	// BundleMachines is a mapping for machines in the bundle to machines
                                                                  	// in the model.
                                                                  	BundleMachines map[string]string
                                                                  	// NewAPIRoot stores a function which returns a new API root.
                                                                  	NewAPIRoot func() (DeployAPI, error)
                                                                  	// NewCharmRepo stores a function which returns a charm store client.
                                                                  	NewCharmRepo func() (*store.CharmStoreAdaptor, error)
                                                                  	// NewDownloadClient stores a function for getting a charm/bundle.
                                                                  	NewDownloadClient func() (store.DownloadBundleClient, error)
                                                                  	// NewModelConfigClient stores a function which returns a new model config
                                                                  	// client. This is used to get the model config.
                                                                  	NewModelConfigClient func(base.APICallCloser) ModelConfigClient
                                                                  	// NewResolver stores a function which returns a charm adaptor.
                                                                  	NewResolver func(store.CharmsAPI, store.CharmStoreRepoFunc, store.DownloadBundleClientFunc) deployer.Resolver
                                                                  	// NewDeployerFactory stores a function which returns a deployer factory.
                                                                  	NewDeployerFactory func(dep deployer.DeployerDependencies) deployer.DeployerFactory
                                                                  	// NewConsumeDetailsAPI stores a function which will return a new API
                                                                  	// for consume details API using the url as the source.
                                                                  	NewConsumeDetailsAPI func(url *charm.OfferURL) (deployer.ConsumeDetails, error)
                                                                  	// DeployResources stores a function which deploys charm resources.
                                                                  	DeployResources resourceadapters.DeployResourcesFunc
                                                                  	// When deploying a charm, Trust signifies that the charm should be
                                                                  	// deployed with access to trusted credentials. That is, hooks run by
                                                                  	// the charm can access cloud credentials and other trusted access
                                                                  	// credentials. On the other hand, when deploying a bundle, Trust
                                                                  	// signifies that each application from the bundle that requires access
                                                                  	// to trusted credentials will be granted access.
                                                                  	Trust bool
                                                                  	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                                                                  func (*DeployCommand) Info

                                                                  func (c *DeployCommand) Info() *cmd.Info

                                                                  func (*DeployCommand) Init

                                                                  func (c *DeployCommand) Init(args []string) error

                                                                  func (*DeployCommand) Run

                                                                  func (c *DeployCommand) Run(ctx *cmd.Context) error

                                                                    Run executes a deploy command with a given context.

                                                                    func (*DeployCommand) SetFlags

                                                                    func (c *DeployCommand) SetFlags(f *gnuflag.FlagSet)

                                                                    type ExposedEndpoint

                                                                    type ExposedEndpoint struct {
                                                                    	ExposeToSpaces []string `yaml:"expose-to-spaces,omitempty" json:"expose-to-spaces,omitempty"`
                                                                    	ExposeToCIDRs  []string `yaml:"expose-to-cidrs,omitempty" json:"expose-to-cidrs,omitempty"`

                                                                      ExposedEndpoint defines the serialization behavior of the expose settings for an application endpoint.

                                                                      type ModelConfigClient

                                                                      type ModelConfigClient interface {
                                                                      	Close() error

                                                                        ModelConfigClient represents a model config client for requesting model configurations.

                                                                        type ModelConfigGetter

                                                                        type ModelConfigGetter interface {
                                                                        	ModelGet() (map[string]interface{}, error)

                                                                          ModelConfigGetter defines an interface for getting model configuration.

                                                                          type ModelConstraintsClient

                                                                          type ModelConstraintsClient interface {
                                                                          	Close() error

                                                                            ModelConstraintsClient represents a client for getting the constraints from a model.

                                                                            type ModelConstraintsGetter

                                                                            type ModelConstraintsGetter interface {
                                                                            	GetModelConstraints() (constraints.Value, error)

                                                                              ModelConstraintsGetter defines an interface for getting model constraints.

                                                                              type NewCharmAdderFunc

                                                                              type NewCharmAdderFunc func(
                                                                              ) store.CharmAdder

                                                                                NewCharmAdderFunc is the type of a function used to construct a new CharmAdder.

                                                                                type NewCharmResolverFunc

                                                                                  NewCharmResolverFunc returns a client implementing CharmResolver.

                                                                                  type NewCharmStoreFunc

                                                                                    NewCharmStoreFunc constructs a charm store client.

                                                                                    type RelationData

                                                                                    type RelationData struct {
                                                                                    	Endpoint                string                      `yaml:"endpoint" json:"endpoint"`
                                                                                    	CrossModel              bool                        `yaml:"cross-model,omitempty" json:"cross-model,omitempty"`
                                                                                    	RelatedEndpoint         string                      `yaml:"related-endpoint" json:"related-endpoint"`
                                                                                    	ApplicationRelationData map[string]interface{}      `yaml:"application-data" json:"application-data"`
                                                                                    	MyData                  UnitRelationData            `yaml:"local-unit,omitempty" json:"local-unit,omitempty"`
                                                                                    	Data                    map[string]UnitRelationData `yaml:"related-units,omitempty" json:"related-units,omitempty"`

                                                                                    type RemoveSaasAPI

                                                                                    type RemoveSaasAPI interface {
                                                                                    	Close() error
                                                                                    	DestroyConsumedApplication(application.DestroyConsumedApplicationParams) ([]params.ErrorResult, error)

                                                                                      RemoveSaasAPI defines the API methods that the remove-saas command uses.

                                                                                      type SetRelationSuspendedAPI

                                                                                      type SetRelationSuspendedAPI interface {
                                                                                      	Close() error
                                                                                      	SetRelationSuspended(relationIds []int, suspended bool, message string) error

                                                                                        SetRelationSuspendedAPI defines the API methods that the suspend/resume relation commands use.

                                                                                        type SpacesAPI

                                                                                        type SpacesAPI interface {
                                                                                        	ListSpaces() ([]apiparams.Space, error)

                                                                                          SpacesAPI defines the necessary API methods needed for listing spaces.

                                                                                          type UnitCommandBase

                                                                                          type UnitCommandBase struct {
                                                                                          	// PlacementSpec is the raw string command arg value used to specify placement directives.
                                                                                          	PlacementSpec string
                                                                                          	// Placement is the result of parsing the PlacementSpec arg value.
                                                                                          	Placement []*instance.Placement
                                                                                          	NumUnits  int
                                                                                          	// AttachStorage is a list of storage IDs, identifying storage to
                                                                                          	// attach to the unit created by deploy.
                                                                                          	AttachStorage []string

                                                                                            UnitCommandBase provides support for commands which deploy units. It handles the parsing and validation of --to and --num-units arguments.

                                                                                            func (*UnitCommandBase) Init

                                                                                            func (c *UnitCommandBase) Init(args []string) error

                                                                                            func (*UnitCommandBase) SetFlags

                                                                                            func (c *UnitCommandBase) SetFlags(f *gnuflag.FlagSet)

                                                                                            type UnitInfo

                                                                                            type UnitInfo struct {
                                                                                            	WorkloadVersion string         `yaml:"workload-version,omitempty" json:"workload-version,omitempty"`
                                                                                            	Machine         string         `yaml:"machine,omitempty" json:"machine,omitempty"`
                                                                                            	OpenedPorts     []string       `yaml:"opened-ports" json:"opened-ports"`
                                                                                            	PublicAddress   string         `yaml:"public-address,omitempty" json:"public-address,omitempty"`
                                                                                            	Charm           string         `yaml:"charm" json:"charm"`
                                                                                            	Leader          bool           `yaml:"leader" json:"leader"`
                                                                                            	RelationData    []RelationData `yaml:"relation-info,omitempty" json:"relation-info,omitempty"`
                                                                                            	// The following are for CAAS models.
                                                                                            	ProviderId string `yaml:"provider-id,omitempty" json:"provider-id,omitempty"`
                                                                                            	Address    string `yaml:"address,omitempty" json:"address,omitempty"`

                                                                                              ApplicationInfo defines the serialization behaviour of the application information.

                                                                                              type UnitRelationData

                                                                                              type UnitRelationData struct {
                                                                                              	InScope  bool                   `yaml:"in-scope" json:"in-scope"`
                                                                                              	UnitData map[string]interface{} `yaml:"data" json:"data"`

                                                                                              type UnitsInfoAPI

                                                                                              type UnitsInfoAPI interface {
                                                                                              	Close() error
                                                                                              	UnitsInfo([]names.UnitTag) ([]application.UnitInfo, error)

                                                                                                UnitsInfoAPI defines the API methods that show-unit command uses.


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                                                                                                Package mocks is a generated GoMock package.
                                                                                                Package mocks is a generated GoMock package.
                                                                                                Package mocks is a generated GoMock package.
                                                                                                Package mocks is a generated GoMock package.
                                                                                                Package mocks is a generated GoMock package.
                                                                                                Package mocks is a generated GoMock package.
                                                                                                Package mocks is a generated GoMock package.
                                                                                                Package mocks is a generated GoMock package.
                                                                                                Package mocks is a generated GoMock package.