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func PrintAWSError

func PrintAWSError(origErr awserr.Error)

    PrintAWSError prints AWS error messages. USAGE if err != nil {

        if awsErr, ok := err.(awserr.Error); ok {
    		   return nil, flerr.New(flerr.FogLightAWSServiceError, "failed to describe cloudformation stacks", err)


    func SprintError

    func SprintError(code FogLightErrorCode, message, extra string, origErr error) string

      SprintError returns a string of the formatted error code.

      Both extra and origErr are optional. If they are included their lines will be added, but if they are not included their lines will be ignored.


      type BatchedErrors

      type BatchedErrors interface {
      	// Satisfy the base Error interface.
      	// Returns the original error if one was set.  Nil is returned if not set.
      	OrigErrs() []error

        BatchedErrors is a batch of errors which also wraps lower level errors with code, message, and original errors. Calling Error() will include all errors that occurred in the batch.

        Replaces BatchError

        func NewBatchError

        func NewBatchError(code FogLightErrorCode, message string, errs []error) BatchedErrors

          NewBatchError returns a BatchedErrors with a collection of errors as an array of errors.

          type Error

          type Error interface {
          	// Satisfy the generic error interface.
          	// Returns the short phrase depicting the classification of the error.
          	Code() FogLightErrorCode
          	// Returns the error details message.
          	Message() string
          	// Returns the original error if one was set.  Nil is returned if not set.
          	OrigErr() error

            An Error wraps lower level errors with code, message and an original error. The underlying concrete error type may also satisfy other interfaces which can be to used to obtain more specific information about the error.

            Calling Error() or String() will always include the full information about an error based on its underlying type.

            func New

            func New(code FogLightErrorCode, message string, origErr error) Error

              New returns an Error object described by the code, message, and origErr.

              If origErr satisfies the Error interface it will not be wrapped within a new Error object and will instead be returned.

              type FogLightErrorCode

              type FogLightErrorCode string

                FogLightErrorCode represents a FogLight error code

                const (
                	// FogLightAPIError you had an issue in the FogLight API
                	FogLightAPIError FogLightErrorCode = "FogLightAPIError"
                	// FogLightAWSServiceError you had an issue making an AWS API call
                	FogLightAWSServiceError FogLightErrorCode = "FogLightAWSServiceError"
                	// FogLightBackendError you had an issue in the FogLight backend
                	FogLightBackendError FogLightErrorCode = "FogLightBackendError"
                	// FogLightClientError you had an issue in the FogLight Client Library
                	FogLightClientError FogLightErrorCode = "FogLightClientError"
                	// FogLightDynamoDBError you had an issue making a DynamoDB call
                	FogLightDynamoDBError FogLightErrorCode = "FogLightDynamoDBError"
                	// FogLightJSONUnmarshalError you had an issue unmarshalling JSON
                	FogLightJSONUnmarshalError FogLightErrorCode = "FogLightJSONUnmarshalError"
                	// FogLightError you should avoid using this error code and use/create a more specific one
                	FogLightError FogLightErrorCode = "FogLightError"
                	// FogLightStackServiceError you had an issue making an API call to the FogLight stacks service
                	FogLightStackServiceError FogLightErrorCode = "FogLightStackServiceError"

                type UnmarshalError

                type UnmarshalError interface {
                	Bytes() []byte
                	// contains filtered or unexported methods

                  UnmarshalError provides the interface for FogLight failing to unmarshal data.

                  func NewUnmarshalError

                  func NewUnmarshalError(err error, msg string, bytes []byte) UnmarshalError

                    NewUnmarshalError returns an initialized UnmarshalError error wrapper adding the bytes that fail to unmarshal to the error.