Package asn1tools provides tools for managing ASN1 marshaled data.



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    func AddASNAppTag

    func AddASNAppTag(b []byte, tag int) []byte

      AddASNAppTag adds an ASN1 encoding application tag value to the raw bytes provided.

      func GetLengthFromASN

      func GetLengthFromASN(b []byte) int

        GetLengthFromASN returns the length of a slice of ASN1 encoded bytes from the ASN1 length header it contains.

        func GetNumberBytesInLengthHeader

        func GetNumberBytesInLengthHeader(b []byte) int

          GetNumberBytesInLengthHeader returns the number of bytes in the ASn1 header that indicate the length.

          func MarshalLengthBytes

          func MarshalLengthBytes(l int) []byte

            MarshalLengthBytes returns the ASN1 encoded bytes for the length 'l'

            There are two forms: short (for lengths between 0 and 127), and long definite (for lengths between 0 and 2^1008 -1).

            Short form: One octet. Bit 8 has value "0" and bits 7-1 give the length.

            Long form: Two to 127 octets. Bit 8 of first octet has value "1" and bits 7-1 give the number of additional length octets. Second and following octets give the length, base 256, most significant digit first.


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