Package kadmin provides Kerberos administration capabilities.



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    type ChangePasswdData

    type ChangePasswdData struct {
    	NewPasswd []byte              `asn1:"explicit,tag:0"`
    	TargName  types.PrincipalName `asn1:"explicit,optional,tag:1"`
    	TargRealm string              `asn1:"generalstring,optional,explicit,tag:2"`

      ChangePasswdData is the payload to a password change message.

      func (*ChangePasswdData) Marshal

      func (c *ChangePasswdData) Marshal() ([]byte, error)

        Marshal ChangePasswdData into a byte slice.

        type Reply

        type Reply struct {
        	MessageLength int
        	Version       int
        	APREPLength   int
        	APREP         messages.APRep
        	KRBPriv       messages.KRBPriv
        	KRBError      messages.KRBError
        	IsKRBError    bool
        	ResultCode    uint16
        	Result        string

          Reply message for a password change.

          func (*Reply) Decrypt

          func (m *Reply) Decrypt(key types.EncryptionKey) error

            Decrypt the encrypted part of the KRBError within the change password Reply.

            func (*Reply) Unmarshal

            func (m *Reply) Unmarshal(b []byte) error

              Unmarshal a byte slice into a Reply.

              type Request

              type Request struct {
              	APREQ   messages.APReq
              	KRBPriv messages.KRBPriv

                Request message for changing password.

                func ChangePasswdMsg

                func ChangePasswdMsg(cname types.PrincipalName, realm, password string, tkt messages.Ticket, sessionKey types.EncryptionKey) (r Request, k types.EncryptionKey, err error)

                  ChangePasswdMsg generate a change password request and also return the key needed to decrypt the reply.

                  func (*Request) Marshal

                  func (m *Request) Marshal() (b []byte, err error)

                    Marshal a Request into a byte slice.