Package keytab implements Kerberos keytabs:



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    type Keytab

    type Keytab struct {
    	Entries []entry
    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      Keytab struct.

      func Load

      func Load(ktPath string) (*Keytab, error)

        Load a Keytab file into a Keytab type.

        func New

        func New() *Keytab

          New creates new, empty Keytab type.

          func (*Keytab) AddEntry

          func (kt *Keytab) AddEntry(principalName, realm, password string, ts time.Time, KVNO uint8, encType int32) error

            AddEntry adds an entry to the keytab. The password should be provided in plain text and it will be converted using the defined enctype to be stored.

            func (*Keytab) GetEncryptionKey

            func (kt *Keytab) GetEncryptionKey(princName types.PrincipalName, realm string, kvno int, etype int32) (types.EncryptionKey, int, error)

              GetEncryptionKey returns the EncryptionKey from the Keytab for the newest entry with the required kvno, etype and matching principal. If the kvno is zero then the latest kvno will be returned. The kvno is also returned for

              func (*Keytab) JSON

              func (kt *Keytab) JSON() (string, error)

                JSON return information about the keys held in the keytab in a JSON format.

                func (*Keytab) Marshal

                func (kt *Keytab) Marshal() ([]byte, error)

                  Marshal keytab into byte slice

                  func (Keytab) String

                  func (kt Keytab) String() string

                  func (*Keytab) Unmarshal

                  func (kt *Keytab) Unmarshal(b []byte) error

                    Unmarshal byte slice of Keytab data into Keytab type.

                    func (*Keytab) Write

                    func (kt *Keytab) Write(w io.Writer) (int, error)

                      Write the keytab bytes to io.Writer. Returns the number of bytes written

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