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package initcmd

v1.3.981 (5ccee8e)
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Published: Jun 25, 2020 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:



const (

	// JenkinsBuildPackURL URL of Draft packs for Jenkins X
	JenkinsBuildPackURL = ""

func NewCmdInit

func NewCmdInit(commonOpts *opts.CommonOptions) *cobra.Command

NewCmdInit creates a command object for the generic "init" action, which primes a Kubernetes cluster so it's ready for Jenkins X to be installed

type InitFlags

type InitFlags struct {
	Domain                     string
	Provider                   string
	Namespace                  string
	UserClusterRole            string
	TillerClusterRole          string
	IngressClusterRole         string
	TillerNamespace            string
	IngressNamespace           string
	IngressService             string
	IngressDeployment          string
	ExternalIP                 string
	VersionsRepository         string
	VersionsGitRef             string
	DraftClient                bool
	HelmClient                 bool
	Helm3                      bool
	HelmBin                    string
	RecreateExistingDraftRepos bool
	NoTiller                   bool
	RemoteTiller               bool
	GlobalTiller               bool
	SkipIngress                bool
	SkipTiller                 bool
	SkipClusterRole            bool
	OnPremise                  bool
	Http                       bool
	NoGitValidate              bool
	ExternalDNS                bool

InitFlags the flags for running init

type InitOptions

type InitOptions struct {
	Client clientset.Clientset
	Flags  InitFlags

InitOptions the options for running init

func (*InitOptions) AddIngressFlags

func (o *InitOptions) AddIngressFlags(cmd *cobra.Command)

func (*InitOptions) AddInitFlags

func (o *InitOptions) AddInitFlags(cmd *cobra.Command)

func (*InitOptions) EnableClusterAdminRole

func (o *InitOptions) EnableClusterAdminRole() error

func (*InitOptions) HelmBinary

func (o *InitOptions) HelmBinary() string

HelmBinary returns name of configured Helm binary

func (*InitOptions) InitIngress

func (o *InitOptions) InitIngress() error

func (*InitOptions) Run

func (o *InitOptions) Run() error

Run performs initialization

func (*InitOptions) ValidateGit

func (o *InitOptions) ValidateGit() error

ValidateGit validates that git is configured correctly

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