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package step

v1.3.981 (497783f)
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type StepCreateOptions

type StepCreateOptions struct {

StepCreateOptions contains the command line flags

type StepGitMergeOptions

type StepGitMergeOptions struct {

	SHAs       []string
	Remote     string
	Dir        string
	BaseBranch string
	BaseSHA    string

StepGitMergeOptions contains the command line flags

type StepOptions

type StepOptions struct {

	DisableImport bool
	OutDir        string

GetOptions is the start of the data required to perform the operation. As new fields are added, add them here instead of referencing the cmd.Flags()

func (*StepOptions) Run

func (o *StepOptions) Run() error

Run implements this command

type StepUpdateOptions

type StepUpdateOptions struct {

StepUpdateOptions contains the command line flags

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