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const HeptioAuthenticatorAwsVersion = "1.10.3"
const IBMCloudVersion = "0.10.1"
const KubectlVersion = "1.13.2"

func BinaryWithExtension

func BinaryWithExtension(binary string) string

func DownloadFile

func DownloadFile(clientURL string, fullPath string) error

DownloadFile downloads binary content of given URL into local filesystem.

func InstalledPackagesFile

func InstalledPackagesFile() (string, error)

InstalledPackagesFile returns absolute path to binaries.yml file used to store version of installed packages.

func IsBinaryWithProperVersionInstalled

func IsBinaryWithProperVersionInstalled(binary string, expectedVersion string, versionExtractor VersionExtractor) (bool, error)

func LoadInstalledPackages

func LoadInstalledPackages() (map[string]string, error)

func LookupForBinary

func LookupForBinary(binary string) (string, error)

func RememberInstalledPackage

func RememberInstalledPackage(packageName string, version string) error

RememberInstalledPackage writes the version of package into local file system. This allows to identify what version of package is currently installed in ~/.jx/bin .

type VersionExtractor

type VersionExtractor interface {
	// contains filtered or unexported methods
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