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package pipline_events

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Published: Apr 15, 2019 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:


type ESIssue

type ESIssue struct {
	Environment map[string]string

type ElasticsearchProvider

type ElasticsearchProvider struct {
	Client    *http.Client
	BasicAuth string
	BaseURL   string

ElasticsearchProvider implements PipelineEventsProvider interface for elasticsearch

func (ElasticsearchProvider) SendActivity

func (e ElasticsearchProvider) SendActivity(a *v1.PipelineActivity) error

func (ElasticsearchProvider) SendIssue

func (e ElasticsearchProvider) SendIssue(i *ESIssue) error

func (ElasticsearchProvider) SendRelease

func (e ElasticsearchProvider) SendRelease(r *v1.Release) error

type Index

type Index struct {
	Created bool
	Id      string `json:"_id,omitempty"`

type PipelineEventsProvider

type PipelineEventsProvider interface {
	SendActivity(a *v1.PipelineActivity) error
	SendRelease(a *v1.Release) error

func NewElasticsearchProvider

func NewElasticsearchProvider(server *auth.AuthServer, user *auth.UserAuth) (PipelineEventsProvider, error)
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