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Published: Jun 25, 2020 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:



const (
	// DependencyMatrixDirName is the name of the directory in which the dependency matrix is stored in git
	DependencyMatrixDirName = "dependency-matrix"
	// DependencyMatrixYamlFileName is the name of file in which the dependency matrix will be stored
	DependencyMatrixYamlFileName = "matrix.yaml"
	// DependencyMatrixAssetName is the name of the asset when the dependency matrix is added to the release on the git provider
	DependencyMatrixAssetName = "dependency-matrix.yaml"
const DependencyUpdatesAssetName = "dependency-updates.yaml"

DependencyUpdatesAssetName is the name of the asset used for the dependency updates file when uploading to the git provider

func GenerateMarkdownDependencyMatrix

func GenerateMarkdownDependencyMatrix(path string, matrix DependencyMatrix) error

GenerateMarkdownDependencyMatrix will generate a markdown version of the dependency matrix at path

func UpdateDependencyMatrix

func UpdateDependencyMatrix(dir string, update *v1.DependencyUpdate) error

UpdateDependencyMatrix updates the dependency matrix in dir/dependency-matrix using update

func VerifyDependencyMatrixHasConsistentVersions

func VerifyDependencyMatrixHasConsistentVersions(dir string) error

VerifyDependencyMatrixHasConsistentVersions loads a dependency matrix from dir and verifies that there are no inconsistent versions in it

type Dependency

type Dependency struct {
	DependencyDetails `json:",inline"`
	Sources           []DependencySource `json:"sources,omitempty"`

Dependency represents a dependency in the DependencyMatrix

type DependencyDetails

type DependencyDetails struct {
	Host       string `json:"host"'`
	Owner      string `json:"owner"`
	Repo       string `json:"repo"`
	Component  string `json:"component,omitempty"`
	URL        string `json:"url"`
	Version    string `json:"version"`
	VersionURL string `json:"versionURL"`

DependencyDetails are the details of a dependency

func (*DependencyDetails) KeyEquals

func (d *DependencyDetails) KeyEquals(o v1.DependencyUpdateDetails) bool

KeyEquals validates that the key (Host, Owner, Repo and Component) are all the same

func (DependencyDetails) String

func (d DependencyDetails) String() string

type DependencyMatrix

type DependencyMatrix struct {
	Dependencies []*Dependency `json:"dependencies"`

DependencyMatrix is the dependency matrix for a git repo

func LoadDependencyMatrix

func LoadDependencyMatrix(dir string) (*DependencyMatrix, error)

LoadDependencyMatrix loads the dependency matrix file from the given project directory

func (*DependencyMatrix) FindVersionForDependency

func (d *DependencyMatrix) FindVersionForDependency(host, owner, repo string) (string, error)

FindVersionForDependency searches the matrix for a dependency matching the given host, owner, and repo, and if found, returns its version

type DependencyMessage

type DependencyMessage struct {
	URL         string
	Owner       string
	Host        string
	Repo        string
	FromVersion string
	ToVersion   string
	Component   string
	Scheme      string

DependencyMessage is the parsed representation of a dependency update message on a commit

func ParseDependencyMessage

func ParseDependencyMessage(msg string) (*DependencyMessage, error)

ParseDependencyMessage parses a dependency update message on a commit and returns the DependencyMessage struct

type DependencyPath

type DependencyPath []*DependencyDetails

func (DependencyPath) Markdown

func (d DependencyPath) Markdown() string

Markdown returns the dependency path as markdown

func (DependencyPath) PathEquals

func (d DependencyPath) PathEquals(o v1.DependencyUpdatePath) bool

PathEquals returns true if a dependency path is equal to a dependency update path

func (DependencyPath) String

func (d DependencyPath) String() string

type DependencySource

type DependencySource struct {
	Path       DependencyPath `json:"path"`
	Version    string         `json:"version"`
	VersionURL string         `json:"versionURL"`

DependencySource is describes the source of a dependency, including the Path to it and the Version of the dependency

type DependencyUpdates

type DependencyUpdates struct {
	Updates []v1.DependencyUpdate `json:"updates"`

DependencyUpdates is the struct for the file containing dependency updates

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