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Published: Jun 25, 2020 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:



const ExtensionsConfigDefaultConfigMap = "jenkins-x-extensions"
const (
	ExtensionsDefinitionFile = "jenkins-x-extension-definitions.yaml"
const (
	// PluginCommandLabel is the label applied to plugins to allow them to be found
	PluginCommandLabel = ""

func EnsurePluginInstalled

func EnsurePluginInstalled(plugin jenkinsv1.Plugin) (string, error)

EnsurePluginInstalled ensures that the correct version of a plugin is installed locally. It will clean up old versions.

func EnsurePluginInstalledForAliasFile

func EnsurePluginInstalledForAliasFile(plugin jenkinsv1.Plugin, aliasFileName string) (string, error)

EnsurePluginInstalledForAliasFile ensures that the correct version of a plugin is installed locally. It will clean up old versions.

func FindPluginUrl

func FindPluginUrl(plugin jenkinsv1.PluginSpec) (string, error)

FindPluginUrl finds the download URL for the current platform for a plugin

func GetAndDeduplicateChildrenRecursively

func GetAndDeduplicateChildrenRecursively(ext jenkinsv1.Extension, lookupByUUID map[string]jenkinsv1.Extension,
	exts map[string]*jenkinsv1.Extension) error

GetAndDeduplicateChildrenRecursively will walk a tree of extensions rooted at ext and add them to the flattened set exts. The lookupByUUID map is used to resolve UUID references to Extensions, and a warning will be emitted if the extension is not present in the lookupByUUID map.

func GetOrCreateExtensionsConfig

func GetOrCreateExtensionsConfig(kubeClient kubernetes.Interface, ns string) (*corev1.ConfigMap, error)

func NotifyCommitStatus

func NotifyCommitStatus(commitRef jenkinsv1.CommitStatusCommitReference, state string, targetUrl string, description string, comment string, context string, gitProvider gits.GitProvider, gitRepoInfo *gits.GitRepository) (status *gits.GitRepoStatus, err error)

func ToExecutable

func ToExecutable(e *jenkinsv1.ExtensionSpec, paramValues []jenkinsv1.ExtensionParameterValue, teamNamespace string, exts jenkinsv1client.ExtensionInterface) (ext jenkinsv1.ExtensionExecution, envVarsStr string, err error)

TODO remove the env vars formatting stuff from here and make it a function on ExtensionSpec

func ValidatePlugins

func ValidatePlugins(jxClient jenkinsv1client.Interface, ns string) error

ValidatePlugins tells the user about any problems with plugins installed

type CommandOverrideVerifier

type CommandOverrideVerifier struct {
	Root        *cobra.Command
	SeenPlugins map[string]string

CommandOverrideVerifier verifies a set of plugins

func (*CommandOverrideVerifier) Verify

func (v *CommandOverrideVerifier) Verify(path string) []error

Verify implements PathVerifier and determines if a given path is valid depending on whether or not it overwrites an existing jx command path, or a previously seen plugin.

type PathVerifier

type PathVerifier interface {
	// Verify determines if a given path is valid
	Verify(path string) []error

PathVerifier receives a path and determines if it is valid or not

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