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Published: Jun 25, 2020 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:



const (
	// SecretsLocationKey key in the config map which stored the location where the secrets are stored
	SecretsLocationKey = "secretsLocation"

type SecretLocation

type SecretLocation interface {
	// Location returns the location where the secrets are stored
	Location() SecretsLocationKind
	// SecretLocation configure the secrets location. It will save the
	// value in a config map if persist flag is set.
	SetLocation(location SecretsLocationKind, persist bool) error

SecretLocation interfaces to identify where is the secrets location

func NewSecretLocation

func NewSecretLocation(kubeClient kubernetes.Interface, namespace string) SecretLocation

NewSecretLocation creates a SecretLocation

type SecretsLocationKind

type SecretsLocationKind string

SecretsLocationKind type for secrets location kind

const (
	// FileSystemLocationKind indicates that secrets location is the file system
	FileSystemLocationKind SecretsLocationKind = "local"
	// VaultLocationKind indicates that secrets location is vault
	VaultLocationKind SecretsLocationKind = "vault"
	// KubeLocationKind inidcates that secrets location is in Kuberntes
	KubeLocationKind SecretsLocationKind = "kube"
	// AutoLocationKind indicates that secrets location needs to be dynamically determine
	AutoLocationKind SecretsLocationKind = "auto"

func ToSecretsLocation

func ToSecretsLocation(location string) SecretsLocationKind

ToSecretsLocation converts a string to a SecretsLocationKind

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