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Package kustomize

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The latest major version is v2.

Published: Jun 25, 2020 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:


type KustomizeCLI

type KustomizeCLI struct {
	Runner util.Commander

KustomizeCLI implements common kustomize actions based on kustomize CLI

func NewKustomizeCLI

func NewKustomizeCLI() *KustomizeCLI

NewKustomizeCLI creates a new KustomizeCLI instance configured to use the provided kustomize CLI in the given current working directory

func (*KustomizeCLI) ContainsKustomizeConfig

func (k *KustomizeCLI) ContainsKustomizeConfig(dir string) bool

ContainsKustomizeConfig finds out if there is any kustomize resource in the cwd or subdirectories

func (*KustomizeCLI) FindKustomizationYamlPaths

func (k *KustomizeCLI) FindKustomizationYamlPaths(dir string) []string

FindKustomizationYamlPaths looks for the kustomization.yaml i.e. kustomize resources in present and sub-directories

func (*KustomizeCLI) Version

func (k *KustomizeCLI) Version(extraArgs ...string) (string, error)

Version executes the Kustomize version command and returns its output

type Kustomizer

type Kustomizer interface {
	Version(extraArgs ...string) (string, error)
	ContainsKustomizeConfig(dir string) bool
	FindKustomizationYamlPaths(dir string) (resource []string)

Kustomizer defines common kustomize actions used within Jenkins X

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