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func ExecuteCmd

func ExecuteCmd(args ...string)

ExecuteCmd execute a jcli command

func GetLocalIP added in v0.0.35

func GetLocalIP() string

GetLocalIP returns the local ip address

func InstallPlugin

func InstallPlugin(name, jenkins string, wait bool)

InstallPlugin install a plugin by jcli

func RestartAndWait

func RestartAndWait(jenkins string, outputReader io.ReadCloser)

RestartAndWait restart Jenkins then wait it

func RunAndWait added in v0.0.35

func RunAndWait(cmd *exec.Cmd, callback func(reader io.ReadCloser))

RunAndWait run command and wait the callback function

func WaitAgentRunningUp added in v0.0.35

func WaitAgentRunningUp(outputReader io.ReadCloser)

WaitAgentRunningUp wait until Jenkins agent running up

func WaitJenkinsRunningUp added in v0.0.35

func WaitJenkinsRunningUp(outputReader io.ReadCloser)

WaitJenkinsRunningUp wait until Jenkins running up

func WaitUntilExpect added in v0.0.35

func WaitUntilExpect(outputReader io.ReadCloser, expect string)

WaitUntilExpect wait until find the expect string


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