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type CompiledPackageRef

type CompiledPackageRef struct {
	Name        string
	Version     string
	BlobstoreID string
	SHA1        string

type Installation

type Installation interface {
	Target() Target
	Job() InstalledJob
	WithRunningRegistry(boshlog.Logger, biui.Stage, func() error) error
	StartRegistry() error
	StopRegistry() error

func NewInstallation

func NewInstallation(
	target Target,
	job InstalledJob,
	manifest biinstallmanifest.Manifest,
	registryServerManager biregistry.ServerManager,
) Installation

type InstalledJob

type InstalledJob struct {
	Path string

func NewInstalledJob

func NewInstalledJob(ref RenderedJobRef, path string) InstalledJob

type Installer

type Installer interface {
	Install(biinstallmanifest.Manifest, biui.Stage) (Installation, error)
	Cleanup(Installation) error

func NewInstaller

func NewInstaller(
	target Target,
	jobRenderer JobRenderer,
	jobResolver JobResolver,
	packageCompiler PackageCompiler,
	blobExtractor blobextract.Extractor,
	registryServerManager biregistry.ServerManager,
	logger boshlog.Logger,
) Installer

type InstallerFactory

type InstallerFactory interface {
	NewInstaller(Target) Installer

func NewInstallerFactory

func NewInstallerFactory(
	ui biui.UI,
	runner boshsys.CmdRunner,
	extractor boshcmd.Compressor,
	releaseJobResolver bideplrel.JobResolver,
	uuidGenerator boshuuid.Generator,
	registryServerManager biregistry.ServerManager,
	logger boshlog.Logger,
	fs boshsys.FileSystem,
	digestCreateAlgorithms []boshcrypto.Algorithm,
) InstallerFactory

type JobRenderer

type JobRenderer interface {
	RenderAndUploadFrom(biinstallmanifest.Manifest, []bireljob.Job, biui.Stage) ([]RenderedJobRef, error)

func NewJobRenderer

func NewJobRenderer(
	jobListRenderer bitemplate.JobListRenderer,
	compressor boshcmd.Compressor,
	blobstore boshblob.DigestBlobstore,
) JobRenderer

type JobResolver

type JobResolver interface {
	From(biinstallmanifest.Manifest) ([]bireljob.Job, error)

func NewJobResolver

func NewJobResolver(
	releaseJobResolver bideplrel.JobResolver,
) JobResolver

type PackageCompiler

type PackageCompiler interface {
	For([]bireljob.Job, biui.Stage) ([]CompiledPackageRef, error)

func NewPackageCompiler

func NewPackageCompiler(
	jobDependencyCompiler bistatejob.DependencyCompiler,
	fs boshsys.FileSystem,
) PackageCompiler

type ReleaseFetcher

type ReleaseFetcher struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewReleaseFetcher

func NewReleaseFetcher(
	tarballProvider tarball.Provider,
	releaseReader boshrel.Reader,
	releaseManager ReleaseManager,
) ReleaseFetcher

func (ReleaseFetcher) DownloadAndExtract

func (f ReleaseFetcher) DownloadAndExtract(releaseRef manifest.ReleaseRef, stage ui.Stage) error

type ReleaseManager

type ReleaseManager interface {
	List() []boshrel.Release
	Find(string) (boshrel.Release, bool)
	DeleteAll() error

func NewReleaseManager

func NewReleaseManager(logger boshlog.Logger) ReleaseManager

type RenderedJobRef

type RenderedJobRef struct {
	Name        string
	Version     string
	BlobstoreID string
	SHA1        string

func NewRenderedJobRef

func NewRenderedJobRef(name, version, blobstoreID, sha1 string) RenderedJobRef

type Target

type Target struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewTarget

func NewTarget(path string) Target

func (Target) BlobstorePath

func (t Target) BlobstorePath() string

func (Target) CompiledPackagedIndexPath

func (t Target) CompiledPackagedIndexPath() string

func (Target) JobsPath

func (t Target) JobsPath() string

func (Target) PackagesPath

func (t Target) PackagesPath() string

func (Target) Path

func (t Target) Path() string

func (Target) TemplatesIndexPath

func (t Target) TemplatesIndexPath() string

func (Target) TmpPath

func (t Target) TmpPath() string

type TargetProvider

type TargetProvider interface {
	NewTarget() (Target, error)

func NewTargetProvider

func NewTargetProvider(
	deploymentStateService biconfig.DeploymentStateService,
	uuidGenerator boshuuid.Generator,
	installationsRootPath string,
) TargetProvider

type Uninstaller

type Uninstaller interface {
	Uninstall(Target) error

func NewUninstaller

func NewUninstaller(fs boshsys.FileSystem, logger boshlog.Logger) Uninstaller


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