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type Basic

type Basic struct {
	HTTPBasicAuthUser string `description:"Basic authentication User"`
	HTTPBasicPassword string `description:"Basic authentication Password"`

Basic holds basic authentication specific configurations

type Provider

type Provider struct {
	Endpoint                string              `description:"Marathon server endpoint. You can also specify multiple endpoint for Marathon"`
	Domain                  string              `description:"Default domain used"`
	ExposedByDefault        bool                `description:"Expose Marathon apps by default"`
	GroupsAsSubDomains      bool                `description:"Convert Marathon groups to subdomains"`
	DCOSToken               string              `description:"DCOSToken for DCOS environment, This will override the Authorization header"`
	MarathonLBCompatibility bool                `description:"Add compatibility with marathon-lb labels"`
	TLS                     *provider.ClientTLS `description:"Enable Docker TLS support"`
	DialerTimeout           flaeg.Duration      `description:"Set a non-default connection timeout for Marathon"`
	KeepAlive               flaeg.Duration      `description:"Set a non-default TCP Keep Alive time in seconds"`
	ForceTaskHostname       bool                `description:"Force to use the task's hostname."`
	Basic                   *Basic              `description:"Enable basic authentication"`
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Provider holds configuration of the provider.

func (*Provider) Provide

func (p *Provider) Provide(configurationChan chan<- types.ConfigMessage, pool *safe.Pool, constraints types.Constraints) error

Provide allows the marathon provider to provide configurations to traefik using the given configuration channel.

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