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func GetTranslationSets added in v0.5.5

func GetTranslationSets() map[string]TranslationSet

GetTranslationSets gets all the translation sets, keyed by language code


type Localizer

type Localizer struct {
	Log *logrus.Entry
	S   TranslationSet
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Localizer will translate a message into the user's language

type TranslationSet

type TranslationSet struct {
	NotEnoughSpace                             string
	ProjectTitle                               string
	MainTitle                                  string
	GlobalTitle                                string
	Navigate                                   string
	Menu                                       string
	Execute                                    string
	Scroll                                     string
	Close                                      string
	ErrorTitle                                 string
	RunningSubprocess                          string
	NoViewMachingNewLineFocusedSwitchStatement string
	OpenConfig                                 string
	EditConfig                                 string
	AnonymousReportingTitle                    string
	AnonymousReportingPrompt                   string
	ConfirmQuit                                string
	ErrorOccurred                              string
	ConnectionFailed                           string
	UnattachableContainerError                 string
	CannotAttachStoppedContainerError          string
	CannotAccessDockerSocketError              string
	CannotKillChildError                       string

	Donate                     string
	Cancel                     string
	CustomCommandTitle         string
	BulkCommandTitle           string
	Remove                     string
	HideStopped                string
	ForceRemove                string
	RemoveWithVolumes          string
	MustForceToRemoveContainer string
	Confirm                    string
	Return                     string
	FocusMain                  string
	StopContainer              string
	RestartingStatus           string
	StoppingStatus             string
	RemovingStatus             string
	RunningCustomCommandStatus string
	RunningBulkCommandStatus   string
	RemoveService              string
	Stop                       string
	Restart                    string
	Rebuild                    string
	Recreate                   string
	PreviousContext            string
	NextContext                string
	Attach                     string
	ViewLogs                   string
	ServicesTitle              string
	ContainersTitle            string
	StandaloneContainersTitle  string
	TopTitle                   string
	ImagesTitle                string
	VolumesTitle               string
	NoContainers               string
	NoContainer                string
	NoImages                   string
	NoVolumes                  string
	RemoveImage                string
	RemoveVolume               string
	RemoveWithoutPrune         string
	PruneImages                string
	PruneContainers            string
	PruneVolumes               string
	ConfirmPruneContainers     string
	ConfirmStopContainers      string
	ConfirmRemoveContainers    string
	ConfirmPruneImages         string
	ConfirmPruneVolumes        string
	PruningStatus              string
	StopService                string
	PressEnterToReturn         string
	StopAllContainers          string
	RemoveAllContainers        string
	ViewRestartOptions         string
	RunCustomCommand           string
	ViewBulkCommands           string

	LogsTitle                string
	ConfigTitle              string
	DockerComposeConfigTitle string
	StatsTitle               string
	CreditsTitle             string
	ContainerConfigTitle     string

	No  string
	Yes string

TranslationSet is a set of localised strings for a given language

func NewTranslationSet

func NewTranslationSet(log *logrus.Entry) *TranslationSet

NewTranslationSet creates a new Localizer

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