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var DNSTimeout = 10 * time.Second

DNSTimeout is used to override the default DNS timeout of 10 seconds.

var (
	// PreCheckDNS checks DNS propagation before notifying ACME that
	// the DNS challenge is ready.
	PreCheckDNS preCheckDNSFunc = checkDNSPropagation
var RecursiveNameservers = getNameservers(defaultResolvConf, defaultNameservers)

func DNS01LookupFQDN

func DNS01LookupFQDN(domain string, followCNAME bool, nameservers ...string) (string, error)

DNS01LookupFQDN returns a DNS name which will be updated to solve the dns-01 challenge TODO: move this into the pkg/acme package

func DNSQuery

func DNSQuery(fqdn string, rtype uint16, nameservers []string, recursive bool) (in *dns.Msg, err error)

DNSQuery will query a nameserver, iterating through the supplied servers as it retries The nameserver should include a port, to facilitate testing where we talk to a mock dns server.

func FindZoneByFqdn

func FindZoneByFqdn(fqdn string, nameservers []string) (string, error)

FindZoneByFqdn determines the zone apex for the given fqdn by recursing up the domain labels until the nameserver returns a SOA record in the answer section.

func ToFqdn

func ToFqdn(name string) string

ToFqdn converts the name into a fqdn appending a trailing dot.

func UnFqdn

func UnFqdn(name string) string

UnFqdn converts the fqdn into a name removing the trailing dot.

func ValidateCAA

func ValidateCAA(domain string, issuerID []string, iswildcard bool, nameservers []string) error

func WaitFor

func WaitFor(timeout, interval time.Duration, f func() (bool, error)) error

WaitFor polls the given function 'f', once every 'interval', up to 'timeout'.

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