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const (
	// HTTP01Timeout is the max amount of time to wait for an HTTP01 challenge
	// to succeed
	HTTP01Timeout = time.Minute * 15

type Solver

type Solver struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Solver is an implementation of the acme http-01 challenge solver protocol

func NewSolver

func NewSolver(ctx *controller.Context) *Solver

NewSolver returns a new ACME HTTP01 solver for the given Issuer and client. TODO: refactor this to have fewer args

func (*Solver) Check

func (s *Solver) Check(ctx context.Context, issuer v1alpha2.GenericIssuer, ch *cmacme.Challenge) error

func (*Solver) CleanUp

func (s *Solver) CleanUp(ctx context.Context, issuer v1alpha2.GenericIssuer, ch *cmacme.Challenge) error

CleanUp will ensure the created service, ingress and pod are clean/deleted of any cert-manager created data.

func (*Solver) Present

func (s *Solver) Present(ctx context.Context, issuer v1alpha2.GenericIssuer, ch *cmacme.Challenge) error

Present will realise the resources required to solve the given HTTP01 challenge validation in the apiserver. If those resources already exist, it will return nil (i.e. this function is idempotent).

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