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Published: Aug 7, 2020 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:


type Factory

type Factory struct {
	IssuerForFunc func(iss v1alpha2.GenericIssuer) (issuerpkg.Interface, error)

func (*Factory) IssuerFor

func (f *Factory) IssuerFor(iss v1alpha2.GenericIssuer) (issuerpkg.Interface, error)

type Helper

type Helper struct {
	GetGenericIssuerFunc func(ref cmmeta.ObjectReference, ns string) (cmapi.GenericIssuer, error)

func (*Helper) GetGenericIssuer

func (f *Helper) GetGenericIssuer(ref cmmeta.ObjectReference, ns string) (cmapi.GenericIssuer, error)

type Issuer

type Issuer struct {
	SetupFunc func(context.Context) error
	IssueFunc func(context.Context, *cmapi.Certificate) (*issuer.IssueResponse, error)

func (*Issuer) Issue

func (i *Issuer) Issue(ctx context.Context, crt *cmapi.Certificate) (*issuer.IssueResponse, error)

Issue attempts to issue a certificate as described by the certificate resource given

func (*Issuer) Setup

func (i *Issuer) Setup(ctx context.Context) error

Setup initialises the issuer. This may include registering accounts with a service, creating a CA and storing it somewhere, or verifying credentials and authorization with a remote server.

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