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type CryptoBundle

type CryptoBundle struct {
	// certificate is the Certificate resource used to create this bundle
	Certificate *cmapi.Certificate
	// expectedRequestName is the name of the CertificateRequest that is
	// expected to be created to issue this certificate
	ExpectedRequestName string

	// privateKey is the private key used as the complement to the certificates
	// in this bundle
	PrivateKey      crypto.Signer
	PrivateKeyBytes []byte

	// csr is the CSR used to obtain the certificate in this bundle
	CSR      *x509.CertificateRequest
	CSRBytes []byte

	// certificateRequest is the request that is expected to be created to
	// obtain a certificate when using this bundle
	CertificateRequest                     *cmapi.CertificateRequest
	CertificateRequestPending              *cmapi.CertificateRequest
	CertificateRequestReady                *cmapi.CertificateRequest
	CertificateRequestFailed               *cmapi.CertificateRequest
	CertificateRequestFailedInvalidRequest *cmapi.CertificateRequest

	// cert is a signed certificate
	Cert      *x509.Certificate
	CertBytes []byte

	LocalTemporaryCertificateBytes []byte

	FixedClock *fakeclock.FakeClock

func MustCreateCryptoBundle

func MustCreateCryptoBundle(t *testing.T, crt *cmapi.Certificate, fixedClock *fakeclock.FakeClock) CryptoBundle

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